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Hero IoT is Eradicating Water Issues. Explore How!

The former Secretary General of UN, Boutros Boutros Ghali, in 1985, once said, “The next war in the Middle East will be fought over water, not politics”. With every passing day, his words of wisdom seem to be ringing true. Not just for the Middle East but for the entire world at once. In the 21st century, the unavoidable combination of swift urbanization and ever-increasing population is demanding water frequently. Unfortunately, regular water supply is still a faraway dream for several parts of the world. The beauty of flora and fauna exists due to water. But as the water bodies are getting polluted, we are losing out on both the aquatic as well as the non-aquatic beauties.

Different industries and factories consume an unreasonable amount of water. They pollute the water bodies as well. Even the households and restaurants over use water, without even realizing it. The society is accustomed to have water all around it. That is why it has forgotten that just like energy, a practical check on water consumption has to be charted out. This world requires to understand and to realize that there is no source that can produce fresh water out of thin air. A certain percentage of water is available in our planet and that is all what we have. Moreover, the climate changes have resulted in severe droughts across the world. Be it India, California or Brazil, water challenges are unfortunately becoming frequent.

With such an impending and speedy reality, if immediate steps are not taken to implement positive changes, then it will become too late. We must realize that it is our responsibility to leave behind fresh water for our future generations. Else, the individuals belonging to the future will suffer a harsh reality. The thought, determination and resolution to save water are not enough. On a more practical note, the world requires cutting edge technology to save water and regulate it for the betterment of the society.

Here, in the industrial practices, Internet of Things (IoT) as a technology is a one stop solution for the water related challenges faced by the entire world. IoT, which is one of the most productive forms of technology, deals with different water challenges effectively. Water is required in agriculture for smart irrigation, in factories for production, machine cooling and more and in every day household chores. All these activities require a revision for better water saving. IoT, with its smart sensors, leak-check sensors and level-check sensors and more parameters can turn the tables for the water industry. IoT’s predictive analysis traces how much water supply a particular area require. Additionally, the right time to shut down the irrigation pumps on a regular basis, monitoring water quality and more could be decided with the concept of predictive analytics.  There are several more benefits and this is just the beginning. Let’s explore them all, one by one.

Real time metering and effective billing

James Harrington, the renowned author once said that “Measurement is the first step that leads to control and eventually to improvement.” Well, in the modern business and society, traditional water meters fail to put an impact. They require manual reading. Most of the service providers read the meters once in a quarter or even twice a year. After this, they send the bill to the consumers. It is a latest realization that bills are just statements. They have no insight into the water consumption. With IoT driven smart water meters, like WaterOn (IoT driven water meter),reading individual consumption is now possible. This offers readings to the consumer in real time. With the information of such detailed consumption, the concerned individuals can easily alter their consumption behavior, leading to better savings. With water meters, the one can pull down the overall consumption by 30%. Be it the residents or the factory owners.

Timely Leak Detection

According to a survey, a leaky lavatory can lead to 700 liters of water wastage on a regular basis. Somehow this equal to the water consumption of a daily household. When it comes to factories, leaks remain even more unnoticed as every worker stays very busy. The leaky episodes call in for heavy bills. This way, one gets burnt from both the ends. With IoT driven real time leakage detection systems, one can stay alert all the time. How? These systems send a quick alert to the consumer about the incident. Based on this, corrective actions could be taken. This leads to water optimization and the bills become reasonable.

Smart Irrigation

The process of irrigation is crucial for human survival. It is definitely a water consuming process. Frequently, water gets wasted due to this. Due to the automatic scheduling of the irrigation process, this happens. A perfect irrigation process demands a particular time and favorable weather conditions. The presence of moisture in soil is compulsory. Tackling this water wastage gets easier with IoT. The IoT sensors help in fetching the required amount of water at an appropriate time and to the desired place. This happens after the sensors determine the weather conditions and the presence of moisture in the soil.

Wrapping Up

Controlling water wastage is one of the prominent goals of any society. Every day, several households and businesses- including industries as well as hospitality, waste water. The fact is that they realize these things very late when it reflects on the water bills. On the other hand, several people and farmers pray for the availability of water. In such scenario, striking a balance becomes obvious. With the Internet of Things, water optimization is just a decision away. This huge network manages to identify leaks and other faults that lead to water wastage. Thus, with smart sensors and smart meters, excessive water consumption can be reduced by 30% along with the quick and real time identification of faulty areas in the pipeline that drain water without anyone’s notice. Moreover, irrigation systems perform better through IoT solutions. The smart devices that utilize IoT technology can trace the process of water conservation to a new level. IoT smart devices are a must to be deployed in homes and businesses with ease. With IoT technology, conserving the leftover percentage of water is now possible. Saving water for our future generation is probably the most thoughtful thing which we can do. It is never too late and we must start from today.

Sanjeev Verma

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Sanjeev Verma

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