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Why Do You Need to Care About Automated Functional Testing in 2019?

Functional test automation can bring many benefits to your software testing life cycle. It allows you to build better applications with fewer efforts and money. The processes are less time consuming as well most of the companies these days use automation testing instead of manual testing. Because they know how to integrate the automated testing with the application development process properly. There are so many reasons which can convince you to shift from manual testing to automation testing if you are not using automation testing right now. Automation testing provides your testing environment with a combination of traditional as well as modern testing methods. So you can test the application in less time fewer efforts and with less amount of investment. Let’s jump to the various reasons to explain why you need automation testing.

Return on investment

This is the first thing which every business organization measure before planning and conducting any kind of new process. Return on investment allows how to the investment of business organization will turn into the profits for them. This may be a little bit difficult, but it is proved that its return on investment is one of the long term plans and also saves time with the help of functional automation testing. You can easily figure out what will be the return on investment and also it would be better than manual testing.

Running test 24 hours and 7 days in a week

This means that you can run functional automation testing processes all the time no matter where you are in this world. You just need to start the test when you leave the office and when you come back next morning you will find the testing reports of the testing processes. You can also perform the tests remotely. If you don’t have so many devices or you can’t buy lots of devices and software.

Fewer human resources

You don’t need to look for a lot of people to conduct functional automation testing. Automation testing can help an organization to decrease the manpower by half. The human being is important to provide input with the data and to receive the output while the rest of the process is the responsibility of the automation tool, so this also leads the business organization to reduce the cost of manpower.


 With the help of automation testing tools, you can create scripts which can be reusable for multiple test cases. You don’t need to create new scripts all the time even if you are using different devices and operating systems. It helps to reduce the time to test the application and also you will never forget any of the steps because you are already doing the testing with the same scripts.

Powerful reporting

While selecting a tool, it is very important to check that if the tool provides robust and intact reporting for every test cycle and test case. There are so many things which are important to justify a report as a powerful report like execution cycles, test suites, and its ability to find the bug. The process always provides the correct status of the software that is helpful for the stakeholders to make better decisions.


With the help of manual testing, a test engineer is not capable of finding the bugs which are available in the deep core of source code. Also, the human is a statue of errors so they may also miss some of the bugs which can create so much confusion and vulnerabilities for the website or application. Automation testing tool helps you to find the bugs in the early stages of software testing life cycle. It helps to reduce the expenses and efforts to fix the errors. Also, automation tools for functional testing test the application in various environments and devices by simulating the user activities in real time.


 Nowadays, multi-location teams to implement testing are well known; this means that implementing and functional manual testing with the help of tools and practices will not help you to provide real-time collaborations all the time. So the organizations will not be able to see the various insights that defect the rise or fall in productivity. This is the reason why testing tools are preferred because people can conduct testing with the help of so many different environment and real-time user activities. Also, the testing team can conduct the test remotely from any location, which enhances the reliability of the testing process.


Automation testing tool allows the tester to test the application as a continuous process. Like when you are testing the application with manual testing, and you need to go somewhere urgently, the process will be at that point and cannot be continued when you will not be back. But in the case of automation testing tools, you don’t need to sit in front of the computer system all the time. You just have to give inputs to the system or tool and the rest the responsibility of the tool to process the various test cases and make the testing report available.


Volume is the ability to test the number of test in various environments and devices at one single time. This is not possible with the help of manual testing. But if you are using automation testing, you may feel that you can easily test the application in thousands of mobile devices for desktop devices with different operating systems in one go. This allows the company to buy fewer devices, and also they need to spend less money on operating systems to build a testing environment.


Automated Functional testing is a very important phase of the testing life cycle, and you cannot miss this to make your website or application error free. Organizations must also give importance on the natural enhancements of the skills of the testing team so that they can understand the scope of testing clearly and continue to adopt the latest technologies in this world of changing its trends. A well structured functional automation testing approach helps the industry to test the application with latest techniques, tools, methodologies and people test isolators it also helps to ensure that the new features do not cause any issue to the quality of your application.

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