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How Pet Tech is Revolutionizing Dogs in Your Home?

The advance of technology has brought numerous benefits to people’s lives, and the good news for dog lovers is that Pet Tech has revolutionised pet ownership too. One of the biggest problems concerning the logistics of pet ownerships has now been solved by the advent of pet tech; we can now make sure our pet is safe, fed and stimulated while we are away.

Not only is this new technology making the lives of pet owners so much easier, it has made owning a dog a possibility for many people. One of the biggest concerns surrounding pet ownership has always been the inconvenience it can bring when it comes to holidays and working long hours, particularly for people living alone. Now people can take trips away, work late at the office and visit friends and family while Fido is safe and comfortable at home.

More dogs can find their forever home

If that wasn’t enough, with more people now in a position to own a dog thanks to this technology, more dogs are able to get that second chance in life and be rehomed, helping to ease the burden on many dog charities around the country, thank you pet tech!

An aid not a substitute

These products are of course not a substitute for human companionship. Our pet dogs dote on us, and when left alone for long periods they can become quite distressed.  It’s important to stay mindful of this and not form an over-reliance on the technology; only using it when necessary. That being said, some of these tech solutions can mitigate problems which already exist. For example, dog cameras with screens and speakers, allow dogs to hear your voice and see your face.

What can pet tech do for my dog?

As a current or aspiring pet owner, there are so many benefits to automating your home, from automatic dog feeders to treat dispensers, fetch machines, dog cameras and electronic dog doors, pet tech has it covered. An automatic dog feeder has benefits beyond its primary function of keeping your dog fed, it also controls portion size and can be programmed to dispense food at certain times during the day, great news for dogs on a diet! This is also an invaluable aid for people who may have trouble looking after their pets, whether that be through disability, or through the memory loss and motor skills impairment brought about by conditions such as Alzheimer’s.  

Eye spy

Not only does smart technology help keep your beloved pet safe and happy, it can also play an important role in making your home more secure, win win. While most automatic dog feeders will notify you through your smart phone when your dog pays it a visit, some even come equipped with a camera. This way you can check in with your pet during meal times, take photos, recordings or even speak to your pet directly in real time, now that is bound to get tails wagging!

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