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Killer SEO Tips That Every Blogger Must Follow

A real blogger is the one who loves to share his knowledge. There are various ways that you can follow to optimize a blog across the search engines. Use WordPress Plugins, edit the templates, use catchy headlines to boost your blog’s ranking, and link your content with inbound and outbound links. On-page optimization and keyword research are the ways to get started. To start a blog and attract more readers, you need to use original content. Non-plagiarized content with proper keyword density is very important. Provide valuable content so that people have a reason to visit your website or blog.

How would you build your website with proper SEO tools?

Keyword targeting is the key to SEO. Google Keyword tool can be utilized in this respect to explore the keyword ideas. You will get to know the type of keywords or keyword phrases to use. As the search engine spiders pay attention to titles and so make sure you use keywords in your title. Create unique description and Meta tags. The meta-tag and title should be descriptive as well. For each page of your blogging site, do not use the same titles or descriptions. Apart from that, you can also follow the below tips to build your website with proper SEO tools:

  • The need to attaining quality backlinks: It is crucial that prominent sites link to your website. For instance, if you are into landscaping business, then use quality links from landscaping companies only. In the backlinks and internal links, make use of anchor texts. An anchor text has a link which is clickable. The backlink one attains from another website should have the same or similar keyword or the keyword phrase.
  • Permalink to increase the search engine ranking: When you want to increase the ranking of the blog post, permalink plays a crucial role. The permalink must be within 50 characters and should remove all the stop words. You may even edit the permalink to get rid of the stop words. Use keywords in the permalink. Choose the manual permalink or an automatic permalink and edit it with your relevant keywords.
  • Maintain keyword density: It is important to maintain keyword density to rank your blog on search engines. An ideal keyword density is 2% but this can vary as per the requirement. Find suitable locations where you must place the keywords. The post title also plays a major role in blog ranking. The blog post title should be followed by the home page title.
  • Image optimization: Image optimization is also important here. Try and add title tag and alt tag in every image you post on the site. If you use WordPress, it will be easier to optimize images. You can use drag and drop technology to optimize your images Post a good title, footer text and description. These three things play important role in SEO. Include the keywords in the title, description and footer.
  • Proper formatting of the comment section: The comment section of the blog should be formatted to avoid spamming. When you reply to the comments, try and add the keywords. The keywords you add to the comment will count in the keyword density.

Other important blogging tips

Make sure the keywords are descriptive and have the keywords. There must be link in every page of the site. Search engine spiders may find your page quite easily. Link with the sitemaps at the footer, and the blog must be well-written, unique and informative.

Focus on the long-tailed keywords and match that up with the reader intent. Your blog can give relevant answer to the queries of the customers. The website will be more visible to the users if you optimize your site with the blogs. If you don’t know how to do it right, try to consult a professional web solution company; their team of SEO experts can ease up your work and help your company’s website to rise up to the search results.

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