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Why You Should Only Buy Real Instagram Likes Instead of Bot-Based Likes

Instagram with its unique visual orientation has outstripped all other social media platforms in terms of its engagement rate and now with a monthly active user base of one billion-plus, it is even more of a happy hunting ground for businesses looking to boost their brand awareness and website traffic.

With more than 25 million business profiles vying for the eyeballs of users, the competition for engagement on Instagram is killing. As all social media marketing experts will tell you, the success of your marketing strategy on Instagram or for that matter, any social media, depends on how well you are able to engage your followers.

A high follower engagement with like, comments, and shares testifies to the fact that the contents in the posts are interesting, entertaining, and relevant to the followers. A high level of engagement has a number of benefits; enhanced brand awareness, increased conversions, and a vibrant community of brand loyalists who have the power to influence others positively.

Boosting the Number of Followers and Rate of Engagement

If you are a business endeavoring to get online traction or even desiring to make a lucrative career as an Instagram influencer, the most crucial thing is to have a large number of followers who are also highly engaged with you. When you have a vibrant community of followers, it automatically sends out all the social signals to the Instagram algorithm to push your content up on the feed of your followers and acts a social proof of the credibility of your brand, which in turn encourages more users to follow you and engage with you.However, getting the formula right and engaging in a consistent content strategy for boosting the rate of engagement can be an arduous struggle that many businesses that are in a hurry to elevate brand awareness or increase conversions simply cannot afford.

Buying Instagram Likes

When you want to increase the number of followers and take your level of engagement to a higher level very quickly to increase your brand visibility and conversions, it can be very tempting to buy Instagram likes using the help of third-parties. A good source of paid Instagram likes can be influencers who have a significantly large number of followers who have the desired profile and who can often be persuaded to endorse your product for a fee. Otherwise, you can use the services of agencies that offer you likes at very affordable rates. However, given the fact that buying Instagram likes is a big no-no according to marketing experts and a clear violation of the terms of service of Instagram, you need to consider the issue very carefully indeed. What most people don’t understand is that what Instagram frowns upon is buying fake likes from agencies that use computer programs or bots because there is actually no real engagement behind these likes. On the other hand, influencer marketing and using agencies like blastup.com that employ real people operating real Instagram accounts to follow you and like your posts is not illegal and indeed a preferred way of boosting engagement quickly.

Why You Should Not Buy Bot-Based Likes

The agencies operating bots or automated programs give you a certain number of likes against a payment; there is no real engagement because there are no real people viewing your posts; at max, you can expect an automated comment that says something of the equivalent of “nice post”. A large number of likes may look impressive; however, none of the real objectives of the brand such as boosting engagement, driving website traffic, building a community of brand loyalists, and etc. can be met with likes from robots. If you are considering engaging the services of an influencer, you would not like to hire one whose engagement rate is false.

Mismatch in the Level of Engagement

The engagement level of genuine Instagram accounts more or less tends to have similar engagement, however, when you buy likes from agencies using bots, the averages go out of kilt and appear suspicious to both genuine followers and Instagram. Brands who want to build genuine relationships with their followers will have no use for fake like and fake bot-based followers. When it becomes evident that an account has bought fake likes, its credibility gets eroded and it can take a very long time for the brand reputation to be restored.

Inappropriate Comments on Posts

Agencies using bots to deliver likes to their clients often resort to making comments in languages that your target users are unlikely to understand. Typically, these comments are actually advertisements for garnering support for extremist political groups or even sex toys that can dilute your brand credibility severely. Even if something drastic does not take place, since the bots have no way of making out what your post was all about, all the comments tend to be generic and sometimes so completely inappropriate that it is downright embarrassing.

Spam Generation

The problem with buying fake likes is that it opens up your account to spam content. Typically, you are required to give your account login credentials to the bot-agency who then takes charge of your Instagram account. Apart from spam posts completely ruining the purpose of your account and turning off your real followers, you may find your email inbox also full of spam.

Fake Followers Purged by Instagram

Even though you may have spent a lot on buying likes from bot-based agencies, it is quite likely that the boost in the number of followers and likes is temporary. According to Forbes, Instagram is continuously improving its technology to spot fake followers and eliminating them. Therefore, the benefit, if any, of buying fake likes may be purely transient.


While there is no doubt that the best way of building the follower base and boosting the rate of engagement is by developing original and interesting content, brands that are in a hurry to achieve their campaign objectives can consider buying Instagram like from agencies that employ real people to create real Instagram accounts that can follow and engage with the brand’s account. Buying likes in this way is not a violation of Instagram terms of service and can be quite beneficial for the brand in increasing its social media presence and brand awareness.

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