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The Best 5 Tools for Collaboration

Collaboration is the new mantra in the world of business. Modern workplaces do not expect employees to adhere to strict work hours or even be physically present. All this has resulted not in workers being cut off from one another, but instead work more closely together. Increased collaboration is the rule of the day that translates into higher levels of efficiency and productivity. What makes this possible are the right tools for collaboration.

Business collaboration tools have their task cut out for them. They are supposed to be accessible at all times from anywhere – not just from traditional computers but also myriad mobile devices and operating environments. They should incorporate essential features like task managements, countdown to deadlines and round the clock IT support – be it Austin or Alaska. Most important of all, the communications and operations should be clear, the interface easy to navigate and any communication gaps done away with.

Here are five of the most popular collaboration tools that do their job extremely well.

Asana – The most popular collaboration tool for project management. Suitable for teams both small and large, the customizable interface and smooth functioning makes monitoring the progress, adding attachments, and team communication a breeze.

Podio helps you connect with different tasks in one place and get things done with ease. An easy to use and customizable project management system with an automated workflow for business processes, team and scrum management makes it quite easy to prioritize and manage projects.

Ryver – A highly effective means of communication that lets you create and manage as many teams as you want. The way posts are displayed resemble a Facebook newsfeed. Offers a slew of native clients across mobile and desktop, from Mac to Linux.

Slack – Primarily an instant messaging platform to discuss important issues related to work in a safe and secure manner. The cloud-based utility offers a toolset that suits different modes of cooperation. Face-to-face meetings incorporate voice and video while drag and drop facilitates easy file sharing.

Trello – A web-based collaboration platform for single to large business users. Convenient features include cards, to-do-lists, drop and drag and organizing functions. Integrated cloud support for Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and many more.

The requirement of every project varies and so does the suitability of the perfect collaboration tool.  Each of the tools listed above comes with its own strengths and a host of convenient pricing plans to let your team execute tasks in as efficient a manner as possible.

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