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Best Apps to Dig out of Your Debts or Loans

Do you have multiple debts and being inundated by them? You are overwhelmed, confused, and have no control over your finances. You have a mountain of debt that you cannot repay with the due dates past. You cannot understand how to start paying off your multiple loans to become debt-free as soon as possible. You need debt pay-off mobile apps to help you change your financial stress into a simple pile of numbers that you can manage with ease and convenience. There is no doubt about the same. Yes, you need some tools to dig out of your existing debts and lead a happy and fulfilling life sansany financial stress.

According to an article published in huffpost, there are numerous personal finance apps to make your life easy. These apps will help you manage your money and expenses so that you do not spend more than your monthly income. There are mobile apps that will help you control your spending habits, let you stay ahead of numerous accounts with little botheration, and save your hard-earned dollars. For example, Level Money is a smart app that helps you monitor your daily cash flow. A free app lets learn how much money you could save based on your spending habits. Here are some of the best apps to help you pay off your debts:

Debt Payoff Assistant

It is a free app that you can download and install on your iPhone. Plan how you can repay your debts and monitor your progress using the app. It has some of the best features to help you take stock of your finances. You can enter your existing debts, minimum payments, balances, and rates of interest. You can choose to pay according to different plans such as high-interest loans or the lowest balance first. If you choose to pay something extra, learn how you could speed up the debt repayment process as well as save with respect to interest rates.

You can view debt reports based on your previous payments. It will help you learn how well you are progressing when it comes to your debt repayment. There are instances in the US where the app inspired people to repay $75,000 in student loans. You can use calculators to pay off your dues within a particular debt, be it mortgage payments or monthly payments. You can set alerts to remind you of the next due date. This way, you will not miss any payments the next month and the subsequent months.

Expensify and Budgt

The Expensify app is for those who feel overwhelmed when submitting tax returns and expenses without the assistance of a professional accountant. Budgt, on the contrary, is a user-friendly, simple app to help you stay on top of your cash flow. It is a paid app that will cost you only $1.99 when you download the same on your iPhone.

The Budgt app helps you to maintain a budget depending on your daily expenditures. You can enter how much cash you have, whether it is your personal or expense account. The app will help to calculate how much money you can spend depending on your available funds. When you shop, you must add the expenses to the apps so that Budgt can keep track of your bank balance. The special feature of the app helps you create a detailed breakup of the expenses, thus letting you learn where your money is spent with some color-coded charts. It helps you to make out the difference between your personal and professional spending habits.

Besides, if you have taken a loan from National debt relief, and want to make timely payments, you can use the app to make the repayment process easy.


Do you want to save up your change and keep it aside for student debt? Sounds good! Then, it is possible if you use the ChangeEd app for your iPhone. The app synchronizes with your bank accounts and assesses the way you spend. It is intelligent enough to detect small changes and puts the same into your savings account.

Whenever you have a saved change of $100, it sends the amount as an additional sum to your student debt payment. This way, paying off your debt becomes a tad easier for you when you pay a little extra every month. However, the app is a paid one. All you need to do is pay a nominal amount of $1 as subscription charge. The app will help you make an average of $10,000 in additional student debt payments.


The app is those for users who shell out loads of their cash online. Slice helps you keep track of the same. The app is free on your iPhone as well as Windows phone. Slice mines your email message box for shipment and received receipts. If the online seller shoots an email confirming each of your purchase together with shipment tracking details, the app will access the information and extract the data automatically. There is no doubt about the same.

With the data pulled related to your purchases, Slice will send push notifications to you when your product is shipped. The app has an in-built price monitoring software to send an alert when the product’s price has dropped. It will also let you claim price adjustments right from the mobile app. This way, you can save when the price plummets and make purchases at the right time.

The app works fine with Yahoo, Gmail, iCloud, and Hotmail and successful for quite some time. It provides you with useful insights as to what you purchased, where, and for what amount. According to Business Insider, you should not miss this one app. Slice gives you an idea of what you are purchasing and from which place. If you are using this app, you already know this for sure. When you know how much you spend online and how much you can save, it will help you save your money and repay your creditors quickly


Now that you have learned about these apps, choose the best one that will help you manage your finance so that you can dig out of your debt.

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