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Leveraging The Power Of SMS Marketing With Proven Techniques

The power of SMS marketing cannot be denied especially in this modern world where there is not even a scintilla of doubt that people nowadays are more tech savvy than before no matter whatever age group they belong to.

There is one thing that is really great about SMS marketing. This is that it can be effective even for those people who do not have a smart phone. Text messages can be sent and received easily on a CDMA phone or any variant. It is this unique feature of SMS marketing that makes it one of the most suitable, effective, accessible and worthy to invest tool that almost all marketers can use to day to deliver their promotional messages of their brands and products to their the consumers, targeted and beyond.

All you have to do is leverage its power to reach out to more and more of these knowledgeable people with the use of a few proven techniques to improve your SMS marketing campaign.

Use the best QR codes

If you interested in investing in SMS marketing, then one of the best tactics to employ that will help you to generate more leads and succeed in your SMS strategy is by using the best and most effective QR codes. This is one useful way that will swiftly provide the mobile users with all the relevant information of your product and business.

  • Use of QR codes is simple wherein this digital bar codes act as shortcuts. This helps in getting valuable info to the customers and prospects because these are extremely versatile.
  • It also has the ability to function much similar to the ‘like’ button of Facebook making it simple for you to offer coupons to your customers or to provide with information to the tourists along with a host of other functions.

Just make sure that these QR codes can be scanned with a smart phone. This is important because the people will then be able to tweet about it and update their Facebook status using it. If these codes are about coupons or product promotion, consumers will be able to download it, share with your friends and even invite them to join them.

Ideally, these QR codes can even launch exclusive content and the most significant fact about it is that these tactics can easily be duplicated, only by you.

Another useful feature is that this tactic is that it will offer your company with a greater chance of:

  • Exposure
  • Growth and
  • Attract and retain your clients.

It will ensure that you proceed with your marketing strategy in ways that are most relevant to your business, result oriented, appealing and timely. This will raise the interest in the digital media and with continual development of your mobile marketing activities it will help you to position your business exactly at the place where most of your customers will be hanging out.

Creating an SMS marketing team

Since all SMS marketing campaigns are not created equal you will need to choose the best and most apt one for your business. Depending on your business and type of product or services, sometimes you may need to integrate SMS marketing fully into your business strategy or may use it as a side project.

According to a survey report of Scan Life it is found that:

  • More than 89% of customers use mobile phones for shopping and
  • About 64% of people in America own a smart phone.

Given these stats, you will need to first know which type of company will be most successful using such marketing campaign.

If you are ready to sail on board with SMS marketing it is paramount that you maximize your chances of success. For this you will need to have a dedicated SMS marketing team around since this is certainly not a DIY campaign.

The team comprising of an assortment of skilled professionals will help you to get the most out of your SMS marketing strategy by using the right type of tools such as the mass text app and following the most suitable technique and approach.

Though one or a few of the members of you SMS marketing team may perform multiple roles, it is important that you ensure that your team includes the following professionals:

  • An expert in SMS marketing program
  • An expert in retail
  • Expert coordinators for on-site signage
  • Experts in digital creative designs
  • Social media experts
  • A specialist in promotions
  • An ROI and discount budget analyst amongst others if not more.

All these areas need to be covered and well-coordinated so that you can meet the timeline for SMS which is becoming more and more instant and shorter. Also ensure that you work closely with and remain in touch with your SMS marketing team to ensure a better communication regarding the plans and strategies make and how to execute them more effectively and efficiently. You will reap greater benefits from your SMS marketing strategies if your SMS marketing team is more complete.

Know your customers

A major part of success in your SMS marketing campaign will depend on how well you know your customers about their likes and dislikes. This will enable you to make proper and more effective plans for the future. For this purpose you can use the CRM or Customer Relationship Management app. This app is very helpful and will help you in many ways such as:

  • To measure the quantum of success of the messages that you send
  • Analyze the purchase history of the buyers
  • Scrutinize the location based demographics.

In short, this tool will enable you to segregate your customers according to the targeted promotions and send bulk messages intended for general sales and promotions.

Also make sure that you write clear and precise messages so that not only anyone can take the advantage of it from anywhere but can also understand what you intend to convey. Since you have only 160 characters, do not beat around the bush but get to the point straightaway without using any abbreviations or emoticons.

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