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Infographic: Cloud Security For Businesses

In theory, there’s no safer place for your business’s money than a bank. However, you won’t do yourself any favors if you leave your checkbook sitting out in the open or use 1234 as your PIN. Likewise, your company’s essential data can be very secure on a cloud server, but you still need to take an active role in safeguarding it. Utilizing this technology can provide you with several advantages that can be crucial for your company’s success — as long as you take care. For instance, certain types of information probably should be handled internally for maximum security. Being smart about what you entrust to a remote server can be just as vital to its protection as the level of encryption used.

Another consideration is to ensure that you’re always doing as much as you can to guard your assets. This includes using two-factor authentication whenever possible. A strong password is good, but confirming identity with a fingerprint scan or keycard is even better. If you can use a VPN to connect to your provider, that will add another layer of protection.

Putting your data on the cloud can be almost as good as sealing it in a vault, provided you take the right steps to protect it. For more tips you can use to enhance the security of your company’s data, see the accompanying guide.

Cloud Security For Businesses from Column Information Security
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