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3 Key Steps to Effectively Drive A Big Data Marketing Strategy

Marketers today understand that decisions cannot be based solely on instinct. Marketing is not just an art; it’s a combination of art and science, creativity and data. Yet the relationship between the two is complex.

In recent years, the share of data has become more crucial in the marketing decision process. There are many junctions in marketing, and one of the most difficult challenges for the marketing manager has always been how to create marketing strategy.

The problem is that while many marketing processes have evolved from a data perspective, the marketing planning process has remained the same. How to create a marketing plan/strategy while keeping a data-driven mindset? Following are the three key steps:

1. Capitalize on customer data available to its Big Data marketing

The priority of an optimized Big Data marketing strategy is to analyze and understand the amount of customer data it has. What types of data are in the customer database? This is how Big Data marketing can be structured by making sense, by organizing its customer data.

From this understanding we must create scenarios based on the utility and use of data in a perspective of improving the customer experience through data driven marketing.

2. Make live and circulate information from Big Data marketing

To perform, the Big Data marketing strategy must shine. It must highlight the relevance and richness of interconnections in two levels:

  • The responsibility of Big Data marketing is to put into perspective the operational nature of customer data. To facilitate their use by business customers the choice and data flow management of the provision of tools are essential.
  • On the other hand, to gather a maximum of information and reap all customers’ data available, Big Data marketing depends on a movement and an active sharing of information within the business. Here again, the handling of exchange solutions is essential.

It is by uniting and mobilizing the various trades unaccustomed to emerge collaborate optimal collective customer knowledge, guaranteeing an efficient Big Data marketing. In this way, the collaborating experience feeds the customer centric experience.

3. Ensuring the continued enrichment of Big Data marketing and its data capital

To challenge and rethink the customer experience, the next step in data-driven marketing is to interact live with its customers. In this way, it constantly captures new information in order to permanently readjust its offer and the associated customer experience. For this external digital platforms exist in order to reap the wealth of its marketing insights. However, the data driven marketing strategy must listen and feed on exchanges, but also animate and interact with them.

Big Data marketing must preserve its principle of continuous learning and its thirst for customer knowledge and ever more refined uses.

How to improve the customer experience thanks to big data marketing?

From the information capital collected as part of the Big Data marketing strategy, the challenge is to:

  • extract extractable data from the mass of information collected.
  • appropriate the best practices of different sectors of activity having developed expertise
  • mobilize the creative qualities to imagine a new innovative customer relationship satisfying customer expectations.
  • develop a hyper-personalization of the customer experience, to create a sense of belonging unique to the brand

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