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The Connected Consumer: New Behaviors to Understand

Yesterday, manufacturers, wholesalers and traders led the game. Today, we have smartphone, computer, tablet, but also shows, scales, refrigerator and other everyday objects become connected. The provision of data on our environment and on our own way of life now seems natural to us and we know how to consult and exploit them. This trend is forcing distributors and other businesses to tackle traditional sales and marketing models.

X-ray of the connected consumer in 5 key points.

1. The connected consumer inquires and remains attentive

Connected 24/24, able to know prices, features and features of products, compare offers, stocks, services and retail outlets of distributors at any time, the consumer knows how to find all the information they want to know before ‘buy. Search engines, e-commerce sites, comparators, open or private social networks, specialized applications are for them sources of information – as well as the physical point of sale – that he masters and exploits as soon as they have needs.

And it does not just look for information in a proactive way. It goes further: by setting different tools within the reach of a more and more technophile population, it can receive at any time – and especially as soon as information is available – alerts without even thinking about it. They are therefore asked if the offers are what they need, and to effortlessly dispose of the information they expect.

2. The connected consumer requires

With a wealth of commercial and legal information, used to being solicited and knowing that most markets are highly competitive, they are aware of their power and argues. The connected consumer demands transparency, wants to take advantage of good deals, expects quality service and comes into contact with the company when he feels like it.

It therefore has an interest in offering an integrated customer experience, that is to say multichannel, and consistent. Good reception in physical point of sale, updating of the merchant site, active presence on social networks, availability by telephone, mail, email and chat, efficiency of the after-sales service: all services no longer desired but required by the consumer, who wait until quality is at the rendezvous at each point of contact, and at the best price.

3. The connected consumer speaks

Communication is no longer bilateral: conversations around products and brands are public, and everyone intends to participate without complex, with positive or negative opinions, in order to inform and then to be informed. The scoring spaces, blogs, forums, news feeds Facebook, Twitter or others allow unknown people, eager for user comments, to freely exchange to guide future purchases.

The potential scope of these messages published by the average user represents both a threat and an opportunity, which should in any case to identify and turn to their advantage.

4. The connected consumer is self-centered

They often use their devices and spaces online to get to know each other better, to talk about them, to assert themselves, to stage themselves. They are sensitive to the particular attentions, the personalization of the messages and the offers. They know that companies also have a lot of information about him that they have agreed to give in return for benefits.

Thus, it will be irritated if it is solicited by a brand for products contrary to its values ​​or if the information it seeks is not accessible quickly. They believe that the customer is king , and will not hesitate to turn to a competitor if he feels he has not received the attention he deserved.

5. The connected consumer spends more

The more connected it is, the more the consumer tends to buy: larger average cart, more recurring orders, better loyalty rate. The connected consumer has more purchasing power than average and he likes to shop because it is also through the objects he has and the experiences he lives that he finds and expresses his identity.

As difficult to seduce and satisfy as it is, the connected consumer represents a real opportunity in terms of sales but also image. They often set themselves up as a real influencer in open spaces, knows how to highlight himself and talk about what they like … They becomes a media in his own right, so often a powerful ally!

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