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Creators x Patrons: YouTube Monetization via Patreon

Crowdfunding is one of the areas fintech has quietly revolutionized in the last couple of years. According to the infographic from Carsurance, this funding practice is the third-most impactful trend in the financial services industry in 2018—only next to AI-driven chatbots and P2P lending. Crowdfunding even beat blockchain technology in terms of influence in that period.

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Predictive Analytics, What is Its Interest in Business?

Anticipating, controlling and, above all, automating actions in companies are increasingly necessary needs in the professional world. Automating actions to make them more reliable and gaining productivity is a goal for many companies. Today, the terms Artificial Intelligence, Big data or predictive analytics are very often used. They represent a new sector still vague for the public.

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A Data Lake without Enterprise Architecture is A Leap into the Void

The Big Data, Data Science, Data Lake triptych has generated the hope of new business opportunities, based on better exploitation of the supposed value of the data.

This new Eldorado inspired by technologies created by the GAFA is often perceived as a purely technical solution. However, it seems necessary to address the essential contributions of enterprise architecture in the valuation and success of a Data Lake through three distinct chapters:

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The Connected Consumer: New Behaviors to Understand

Yesterday, manufacturers, wholesalers and traders led the game. Today, we have smartphone, computer, tablet, but also shows, scales, refrigerator and other everyday objects become connected. The provision of data on our environment and on our own way of life now seems natural to us and we know how to consult and exploit them. This trend is forcing distributors and other businesses to tackle traditional sales and marketing models.

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Why is Social Media Essential for A Brand’s Success?

If you are a business owner, then you should be aware of the fact that social media is one of the most important digital marketing tactics that you should be using. Social media has got the potential to put your business in the top rung of your specific industry and get you more revenues and customers. It is crucial that you use thee different social media platforms that are available to make your business become more popular and reach out to more people.

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