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The Limits of Data Science: The Collaborative Workstation of the Data Analyst

The current difficulties of the data science do not come as much from the software, as from the human-machine interface still too primitive, and especially of the painful keyboard shortcut “Alt-Tab” (allowing on a screen, to switch from one display to another).

The current workstation is the “keyhole” by which you consult your data

Nowadays, Big Data in Cloud offers computational capabilities and powerful analysis algorithms that we call them Artificial Intelligence. However, the most recent decision-making solutions need a human to make the final decision, and often of several men participating in the “Collaborative Intelligence”.

The problem comes from the current screens and offices that do not manage this new deluge of data. Certainly we can use Data Visualization to densify the information to the centimeter squared or dedicate part of the building for the analysis. But that’s not enough anymore, because all managers are constantly making decisions; without having all the necessary information, in a directly visible way.

Do not rely on your working memory

Indeed, Miller’s Law explains that humans can only think simultaneously of seven data more or less two. So, to avoid forgetting the numbers presented by the previous slide or the dashboards of the past months, we should always be able to keep everything visible…As on the investigation wall of the Police – during the resolution of a crime.

Having such a wall of screens also makes it possible to use the concept of “1 + 1 = 3”. Indeed, if two data only present themselves, their connection (by visual proximity) can reveal crucial information. In fact, “the intelligence is in the link”.

Visualize all facets of a subject

The first use of this device is to allow showing a problem, in all its facets simultaneously rather than undergo the presenter’s biased speech (unfolding his explanation, slide after slide), here the decision-makers can collegially look at the overall vision, the standard analyzes, the probable causes and impacts and some details on demand, without losing the thread of their thoughts. From the discussion between operational and complementary skills, a collaborative and aligned analysis is synthesized (from the context, the explanations, the action plans to be launched, to the needs of revisions).

This data analysis desk can be placed on a conventional tray or telescopic legs (hydraulic cylinders) to use it sitting or standing, alone or with others, on a flat wall or alcove – as traders stock exchange.

A multi-screen desktop demonstrates the maturity of your decision support process

Once used, its effectiveness becomes just addictive, as the removal of this “bottleneck” significantly fluidifies access to data. In fact, this device could even be a good indicator of the maturity of shared data analysis, which is therefore actionable.

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