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Artificial Intelligence is Making Big Waves

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is taking the world by storm. While the top three countries in this arena are the United States, China, and Japan, there are a lot of other countries also busy researching the field.

Russia, for example, aims to ensure that 30% of its military equipment will be robotic  in the next six years.

Germany boasts of the largest number of AI startups. So this is the time when we move over Silicon Valley and any form of arms race. AI is the tool by which countries will prove their dominance over time.

The idea of a thinking machine is not exactly a new concept. The Turing test, a set of questions designed to see whether or not a computer is capable of answering questions as a human would, was first developed 76 years ago.

At that time, the technology to drive AI wasn’t there, but the seed had been planted. Now we’re starting to reap the benefits of this clever idea. In fact, we’ve gotten so far advanced in this area that there are those who worry that we are heading for a situation where computers won’t need us anymore.

And that, they say, could be bad news for us. They might, for example, decide that we’re all disposable and decide to wipe us out. Computers work on pure logic, without any spark of humanity to reign them.

Perhaps what we should be doing then is working on teaching computers to feel, much in the same way that we do.

That said, we can’t really turn back now anyway. AI is already being used across various industries. If you’ve got a smartphone and have used a virtual assistant, then you’ve already used AI.

More and more, AI is being turned to making it possible to automate functions that humans find tedious and boring. It makes sense – the computers can crunch numbers all day without feeling tired, stressed out, or making mistakes.

They can help free up your employee’s time so that she could focus on more important tasks. Overall, AI is making it easier for us to get more done.

For more information on the subject, check out the infographic below.

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