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How Digital Marketing Is Helping to Invent New Jobs?

There are at least seven new digital marketing jobs that didn’t exist a decade ago, according to a new report from Forbes. While many fear that the rise of technology will lead to job losses, this isn’t backed up by empirical evidence. For every job that can be automated, a new exciting career opportunity appears. As social media and internet usage in general has soared, new jobs are being invented, seemingly out of thin air. Here are three of the biggest opportunities in digital marketing that didn’t exist ten years ago.

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How Big Data and Artificial Intelligence are Transforming the World?

The massive increase in the flow of information coupled with analytic technologies is transforming companies in depth. These are oriented towards the management of their activities and integrate new solutions and technologies carried by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and in its wake, Machine Learning. Even if some markets are still looking and all sectors do not all take advantage of the levers of innovation generated by the data, a revolution is indeed underway.

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