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What are the Most Used Social Networks by Companies in 2018?

Companies have understood that it is important to use both social media and internal communication strategies in their internal communication strategy. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snapchat … but how to navigate all these social networks? What are the most popular social networks for corporate communication strategies? The latest edition of the Hootsuite Barometer and Visionary Marketing tells us exactly how companies make use of social media.


Unsurprisingly, Facebook is at the top of the social networks most used by companies, with 91% utilization rate. But why? First, Facebook is the biggest social media network on the Internet, both in terms of total number of users and name recognition. It also allows companies to boost their communication through the Facebook Ads advertising network . In addition, it helps to broaden the target audience of businesses and reach new prospects.


83% of companies use Twitter. Despite its peculiarities, such as the limitation of tweets to 280 characters, the social network attracts many companies. This is because Twitter is primarily for professionals. It makes it possible to communicate with a BtoB target and to convey, at the same time, a “corporate” and institutional image. Some brands also use Twitter as after-sales service to manage their customer service and create a close relationship with their customers. This is particularly the case of SFR with its SFR Assistance account.


LinkedIn has the distinction of being a professional social network. This specificity explains the 77% rate of use of the network by companies. The professional network facilitates the BtoB communication of companies. It also offers users looking for a job to know a little better companies in which they wish to apply. The publications give an overview of the companies and the social network also makes it possible to get in touch with them. Likewise, the Company pages make it possible to publish job offers. Finally, LinkedIn serves as an internal communication channel. Employees can follow the news of their company and relay it too, which is as well to give corporate image.


Its use has tripled since the last 2 years. In 2018, 55% of companies say they are on the Instagram social network. It differs from its competitors, especially Facebook, since it is the social network where users are most active. Admittedly, Facebook lists the most users, but they are not necessarily active on the platform. It is all the more interesting for companies to use it with the phenomenon of influencers/bloggers who use them almost only Instagram. It strengthens the B2C (business to consumers) relationship of companies and allows to propose an image sometimes neat and visual, sometimes offset.


This overview of social networks tells us what is the use of social networks by companies today. Each social network has its own audience and its own specificities, which gives companies different objectives depending on whether they are present on this or that social network. They can look for notoriety as well as conversion. Social networks can also be used to manage e-reputation, manage crises, learn more about the target, improve internal communication, and manage HR and service.

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