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How Digital Marketing Is Helping to Invent New Jobs?

There are at least seven new digital marketing jobs that didn’t exist a decade ago, according to a new report from Forbes. While many fear that the rise of technology will lead to job losses, this isn’t backed up by empirical evidence. For every job that can be automated, a new exciting career opportunity appears. As social media and internet usage in general has soared, new jobs are being invented, seemingly out of thin air. Here are three of the biggest opportunities in digital marketing that didn’t exist ten years ago.

Professional Vlogger

Audio and visual advertising has become more important in recent years, as popup text ads are replaced by sponsored videos on Facebook posts and YouTube uploads. With small content creators hit by YouTube’s recent wave of demonetization, they are having to find new ways to earn a living. One way to do this is by becoming a professional vlogger – something which you couldn’t do a decade ago. By making this a fulltime job, YouTubers can earn money through fan funding and product placement.

Social Media Specialist

Vlogging is one career option that didn’t exist before, but there are many other online mediums available. Although Facebook launched in 2005, it wasn’t until the emergence of Instagram in 2010 that social media became an integral component of public relations. Businesses now have to have an online presence and for that they hire social media specialists. Digital marketing used to just be about creating a user friendly and SEO optimized website, but now social media profiles are just as important.

User Experience Designer

In 2019, people will spend 170.6 minutes a day online. This number has increased every year since the Internet was invented. With so much time spent browsing the web, user experience, known in the industry a UX, is everything. Information has to be easy to find, web pages have to be intuitive to navigate, and aesthetically pleasing content is important. Furthermore, people don’t only use a desktop computer for the internet, but are more likely to be seen on a phone or tablet. The emergence of apps has filled this need to improve the user experience and ushered in the creation of a UX designer.

Technology is constantly creating new job opportunities. These tend to include exciting and creative work, which offer more value to the employee. Above are just three jobs created by the rise of digital marketing in the last decade, but who knows what else will emerge in the coming years.

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