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What are the Good and Bad Side of Technology on Health?

Editor’s Note: Over the years, technology has been growing fast. Is this growth a good or a bad thing? The following guest post comes from Alyssa Winters, the Chief Editor at topreveal.com. Alyssa is going to share with us her perspectives on this question.

Technology has become a vital part of humanity. It is very important in accomplishing tasks easily and in making people’s lives more convenient. Almost every person has become dependent to technology. Both businesses and households have benefited from the different devices and other products of advancement in technology.

However, you also need to know that aside from the advantages you get from using technology, there are also some bad effects. Here is a list of the good and the bad side of technology:

Good Side

  • The Hyper-fast Growth of Technology

With the amazingly fast growth of technology, people’s lives also become more comfortable. You do not have to do a lot of activities manually anymore. All you need to do is to look for the best gadget or machine that will make every task easier for you. Every single day, there is something that is being invented and the next day, you can now find it available in the market for your own consumption.

  •  Amazing Wearables

Is it not really amazing when you realize that you can now check on everything just by looking at your smart watch? If you are an athlete, you can be busy biking or running but you will still be informed about the things you want to know from your smart glasses. With these examples of wearable technology, you can check the weather, get an update from what is going on around you, and check your messages and many more.

  •  Healthcare App Explosion

One of the most important contributions of technology is the help that is provided from healthcare apps. For people who need to constantly monitor their health do not have to worry because there are different apps that can be downloaded in your smart phone to help you know your health status. There are apps for medication management, health calculator and others.

  •  Ease of Connectivity

With the aid of the Internet, it is now easy for you to connect to the different apps and other sources that can be helpful to your everyday life. You can go out of your home and you will still be connected. This is one of the best things about technology. You will be able to enjoy it anywhere you go.

  •  Information in hand

Unlike before, you do not have to buy a Sunday newspaper to be informed. If you want to know about something, all you need to do is to check your phone. Google is one of the best gifts that we were able to receive from developers and technology itself. There is nothing about this world that you will not be able to search on Google.

Bad Side 

  • Digital Eye Strain

Most people experience different eye problems including digital eye strain because of too much screen exposure. However, you can get away from this problem y using eyewear that is made to protect the eyes from radiation. Aside from that, you should also take a break from using the computer and your smart phone especially if you are using it daily.

  • Sleep Disorders

For people who are using their smart phones and their laptops before sleeping, this is one of the most common problems that they encounter. Some people cannot sleep easily and sometimes, this is a result of the blue light being emitted by the screen of your phone. The best way to avoid this is to limit your screen exposure especially during the night. 

  • Physical Inactivity

When the computer and the Internet became part of people’s lives, there are those who spend more time sitting down. More and more people do not go out and become inactive because of technology. This may result to other more serious conditions such as obesity. Everyone needs to exercise and to move around. This can be avoided only if you decide to lessen your exposure to computer and other gadgets and try to live a more active lifestyle. 

  • Depression

The social media is a great tool because it can bring people together. However, it has effects that will let you think twice if you are going to spend more time checking your accounts every day. Teenagers experience depression because social media opens a lot of doors of virtual relationships that can cause frustrations and disappointments. Being fed with negative posts and bad news is another thing that causes depression.

  • Constant Distraction

Most people are constantly distracted by gadgets and the social media. More and more people spend more time procrastinating instead of becoming more productive because of social media and other distractions created by smart phones and computers.

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