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The Key Principles to Secure Your Digital Data in the Cloud

Because of its practical advantages and its technical opportunities, Cloud computing is of interest to more and more companies in all sectors and sizes for simplified storage of data. However, care must be taken to ensure the security of the latter by taking the necessary precautions beyond the simple computer settings.

The key elements of a Cloud security strategy

Storage of data in the Cloud involves defining principles and priorities regarding how to access it. An effective protection strategy must therefore take into consideration the following 3 elements:

  • Access authorization to ensure the necessary confidentiality
  • The completeness, accuracy and legality of the stored data
  • Availability and speed of access

Depending on the activity of the company and its needs, the procedure of storage and use of data can set up a level of security adapted for each of these criteria. These levels of protection determine the investment required, the service to be subscribed and therefore the provider to call on.

Choose your Cloud provider to secure your data

Storing your business data in the Cloud means that you entrust it to a third-party provider. Data security is therefore largely based on certain characteristics of this outsourcing contract.

It is imperative to know exactly where the data will be hosted. A certain harmony of the legal and legal contexts is necessary to put in place guarantees of protection. Likewise, geographical proximity reduces latencies and risks of unavailability.

Securing the connection between the customer and the provider is equally important to preserve the data. By doubling the access paths and encrypting them, a service provider can guard against the risks of intrusions while keeping an additional means of accessing the data.

Call on a provider with recognized skills. This may seem obvious, but it is important to ensure that the service provided meets the technical and qualitative standards in effect. The ISO 27001 standard and the SecnumCloud label are thus reliable indicators of the expertise and professionalism of a Cloud storage solution provider.

Request guarantees of confidence and perform reliability audits. Contract engagement documents and external audit reports are also essential for identifying trusted partners to support your data. By adopting a pragmatic and cautious approach, it is possible to maximize the protection of data stored in the Cloud to work with confidence.

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