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Innovative Approaches to Improve Your Customers’ Experience through Chatbots

Editor’s Note: The following guest post comes from Josh Wardini, Editorial Contributor and Community Manager at Webmastersjury. This article will share about Josh’s perspectives on how Chatbots can help improve customer experience and an comprehensive infographic that highlights information about Chatbots. It includes things like market trends, a timeline, cost savings, user demographics and much more.

Customer experience is significant in every business; the type of customer care service a business chooses will determine the general performance of the organization. Companies like Google, Nordstrom and even Neiman Marcus have discovered different methods of reaching out to customers, such as using chatbots which perform various tasks when one is away or doing other duties.

Through chatbots, one can connect with many people who require assistance. The good thing is that it can respond directly and give accurate information based on customers’ description. It can also respond to different questions at the same time, unlike humans who have to finish with one customer first and then head to the next one.

So, why are chatbots increasingly becoming popular in ecommerce?

Chatbots Aim at Targeted Audience

The traditional form of marketing involved advertising products to random customers. Take TV advertising for example. Not everyone wants to purchase advertised items because the TV ads are not tailored to everyone’s needs.

Today, with the help of chatbots, businesses can target individual interests by sending custom made messages to its potential customers. The use of chatbots significantly slashes down the cost that could have been otherwise incurred when paying for the advertising air time on media outlets or space in magazines. Furthermore, it is a one-time investment.

They Help Improve ROI

Chatbots are designed to respond to anything the customer needs. Their databases are filled with thousands of possible FAQs and answers which chatbot sorts through and matches with the customers’ requests.

Rather than hiring expensive and large support staff, chatbots are just a one-time investment. With their ability to multitask and be available 24/7, they help save the cost. They not only help with customer service, but also collect crucial information which they later use to market the company’s products.

They Help Customers through the Purchasing Processes

With more countries adopting the 24-hour economy, businesses now require support staff both day and night. This is expensive and it lowers ROI, but with chatbots, businesses can operate around-the-clock. Chatbots help identify what the customer wants and offer her the best possible products, confirm that the payment has been received, and confirm delivery time.

Chatbots are the Best Personal Assistants

It can inform you about what is happening in the world, it can arrange travel, appointments, and also recommend certain services. One doesn’t have to worry about one’s schedule, as bot can act as a secretary. It can do data entry work and other simple secretarial jobs.

Money Transactions

Chatbots can handle money transfers by sending it to people by confirming deposit and withdrawal of funds. The user can receive a message immediately when a transaction goes through. Bots can also cancel transactions when prompted. In addition, chatbots can buy goods online from different outlets.

They Offer a 24/7 Experience to the Customers

Chatbots offer customers excellent services because they are always there to answer questions and give insights about products the customers want, day and night. In case the chatbot’s database does not have required answers, it can reach out to the human resource for support.

In future, almost all companies will have adopted the chatbot customer service. The progressive redesigning and innovation will ensure that chatbots will improve from their robotic nature to human-like personalities.

More and more businesses are adopting chatbots since they have proven to increase sales through great customer experiences. Their ability to multitask has made them unique and cheaper, compared to hundreds of customer representatives and other support staff.


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Josh Wardini

Josh Wardini, Editorial Contributor and Community Manager at Webmastersjury. With a preliminary background in communication and expertise in community development, Josh works day-to-day to reshape the human resource management of digitally based companies. When his focus trails outside of community engagement, Josh enjoys the indulgences of writing amidst the nature conservations of Portland, Oregon.

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