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How will Internet of Things Impact Your Everyday Life?

A click on the iPhone and the whole house lights up; it is no longer a dream. It is not just light bulbs and shutters that are connected to the Internet, washing machines, cars, and many other everyday objects are connected.

It has been a long time since the Internet of Things (IoT) is no longer just a way to change the way we manage and live in our homes. In factories, the connection of objects and machines creates the potential for a fourth industrial revolution. At the same time, mobility is facing a radical change. But what exactly is IoT and how will it affect our lives?

What is IoT?

As the name implies, the Internet of Things is made up of objects that are connected to the Internet and can communicate with each other. The objects are equipped with processors, sensors and network technology. When you combine these connected objects with an automated system, you can collect, analyze, and use information.

The system is able to learn from a process and automatically execute actions. A car thief should not be surprised if he suddenly finds himself face to face with the owner of the vehicle, because the latter has received a direct message on his iPhone or smartwatch. Everything is connected.

How is the Internet of Things evolving?

IoT develops extremely fast, driven by various factors: it is possible to connect to the Internet everywhere and in parallel; the corresponding costs are sharply lower. In addition, more and more objects have WiFi options and sensors, the costs of which are also falling sharply. All these objects no longer communicate with each other within isolated silos, but are interconnected, creating a networked world.

What is the influence of IoT on our life?

Thanks to the new applications, our daily life will change fundamentally, in the end, to become much simpler.

  • In the morning, the alarm clock can automatically activate the coffee machine and when you leave the shower, the cappuccino is ready.
  • The refrigerator can detect the lack of milk for coffee or other foodstuffs and order them directly.
  • The car could also be connected to the personal diary and know, when boarding, where the appointment with the customer or dinner is taking place. The car searches for the fastest route and, in case of traffic jams, informs the customer or friends that we will be late. During the journey, the vehicle also communicates with other objects and enhances the safety of the occupants. The whole world is becoming smart.

What is the influence of IoT on our mobility?

IoT will revolutionize mobility and related domains. Sensors on cars measure empty parking spaces and store information transformed into algorithms in a Cloud. The driver is directly guided to the nearest parking place. The traffic is thus considerably reduced.

In the field of security too, the Internet of Things offers new possibilities: thanks to the connectivity, cars can identify traffic signs, trigger an emergency braking autonomously, regulate the speed and assist the driver to change lane.

The Internet of Things also offers new possibilities in the field of logistics. Sensors in freight cars check hygrometry, temperature and vibration, and help locate the goods in real time.

What are the challenges?

The many new opportunities arising from IoT also create new challenges. The extreme amount of data poses new requirements for information security and privacy protection. Businesses must therefore define strategies for backing up, analyzing, and editing data.

The dangers are particularly evident in the field of mobility. Cars and trains that are fully integrated into a network may be the victims of hacking and system errors. Although connectivity is supposed to increase security in traffic, it also contains new potential dangers. But one thing is certain: the Internet of Things will fundamentally change the way we live and work. The progress, added value, opportunities and potentials it offers are obvious. And that’s what we should focus on.

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