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Why Do Companies Invest in IoT?

The predictions of the Internet of Things (IoT) leave no doubt today about the potential of connected objects to transform the business and create new value-added services.

While it is still important today to educate the market to understand the real value of what IoT can bring, use cases are multiplying. For companies, communities and industry, the solutions deployed represent real challenges for performance, competitiveness and cost optimization. The IoT makes it possible to meet many needs, particularly in the industry of the Future Industry, Smart City and connected building.

Industry 4.0 is running

In the industrial sector, it is now possible to monitor the status of machines in real time and to optimize their use with connected sensors. The recovery of sensor data will thus make it possible to anticipate the breakdowns of production machines and to optimize maintenance.

Predictive maintenance is also a real subject in the Industry of the future universe. Pilot machines remotely, monitor their operation … the solutions offered by the IoT gain more and more precision through algorithms that can drive a number of extremely varied machines, from the most basic machine to the trolley elevator through the most advanced industrial robot.

The Smart City becomes reality

The concept of Smart City is no longer a dream; real experiments are underway with solutions allowing for example to regulate car traffic in the territories, improve the safety of people , fluidize the flow of goods and people, control the impact and improve the quality of the air, reduce the costs of energy stations in communities…

To do this, huge IoT infrastructures are deployed, to allow heterogeneous sensors to trace the data that makes sense for the territories. Humidity sensors, CO2 sensors… connected water meters, electricity … presence detector, flow counting sensor … to each sensor we need, and the potential uses are unlimited.

The smart building rises

IoT offers an inestimable potential in the field of smart building. Thanks to connected sensors, it is possible to supervise all the systems that are installed: lighting, air conditioning, ventilation, heating, energy supplies, access control, parking…

Among the use cases, it is possible to optimize the energy performance of the building through dedicated sensors to inform managers and users of their consumption in real time and set alerts for exceeding the critical threshold, leakage or overconsumption.

Thousands of IoT projects identified around the world

The number of connected objects projects has increased by 500% in three years worldwide. More companies realize that it is necessary to invest and bet on IoT without having exactly in mind the type of solution that can be developed.

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