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Why Big Data is A Growing Power?

If one finds the first traces of the expression of “Big Data” in 1997, it is at the beginning of 2010 that one grasps the real issues. Big data refers to very large sets of data produced by individuals and businesses. Considered by some to be one of the biggest industrial developments of our time, Big Data affects all sectors, but has been democratized thanks to digital marketing and e-commerce. The latter indeed measured very early the potential of the analysis of this massive data.

More concretely, Big Data can be apprehended from four angles:

  • Volume: the number of data to be processed is gigantic.
  • Speed: the data in question must be analyzed almost in real time.
  • The type of data: each data has a function that must be crossed with others in order to produce interpretations.
  • Veracity, which raises the question of the credibility of the information collected.

Big Data gives the opportunity to obtain a global visualization as well as a statistical analysis of the data collected. Through visualization and data processing, the exploitation of results allows for predictions.

Finance, politics and scientific research are all areas that use Big Data on a daily basis. The goals of Big Data analysis include generating typical profiles, analyzing competitive flaws and predicting risks. The emergence and development of Big Data have given birth to new businesses: Data Analyst , Data Scientist…These actors are becoming more and more essential in companies and can drive data modeling .

Big Data in a few numbers

According to a Cegid study , Big Data is:

  • A community of decision-makers who agree on the credibility and strength of Big Data (88% of decision-makers agree that this is an area of ​​interest).
  • 69% consider it a real asset for making complex strategic decisions.
  • 40% of respondents say they have already used Big Data.
  • 18% of companies think they have the necessary skills to correctly analyze their data.
  • 56% of companies today believe that the keys to their business are data analysis.

All these figures prove to us one thing, that Big Data is growing and that it has to develop the concept of business intelligence.

Big data, an invaluable asset for the BtoB

Big data really makes the difference for the BtoB conquest. Marketers and commercials now have a huge amount of data at their disposal to better target and approach their prospects. Tools based on Big Data give companies the opportunity to precisely identify prospects thanks to the available commercial data. Others offer the opportunity to find potential customers in line with their criteria and get in touch with them directly.

Big data has great added value for commercial prospecting, but is equally useful for:

  • Improve your knowledge of clients and save time in preparing appointments
  • Retain customers and anticipate their needs
  • Conduct more targeted and effective B2B campaigns
  • Develop new products and speed up their marketing

Examples of uses

Web marketing

The Internet giants (Facebook, Amazon, Google …) have grasped the issues of Big Data. Each visit made on this type of site is now targeted, for an ultra-personalized use. To optimize the customer experience, Amazon for example crosses the weather data of its visitors in winter, to offer products specifically useful for a geographical area. For its part, Google analyzes your search habits and your location in order to offer you results that are as close as possible to your expectations.


Macrons, Hollande, Obama and especially Trump have used Big Data in their presidential strategy. For example, it has invested nearly $5 million to recover data through social media tests. From these tests emerged typical profiles that were associated with free data (shopping locations, electoral habits, etc.). With this method, the commercial messages distributed in stores were targeted according to the standard profiles.

To conclude

With only a few years of hindsight, Big Data has already proven that it is not just a fashion phenomenon. Many companies have been able to develop their business by using these Big Data daily, which will represent 38 zettabytes in 2020, 30 times more than today! Big data is a new way of doing things for businesses, but it will also have a lot to offer to health, politics or the environment in the years to come.

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