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Artificial Intelligence: The Best Client Interface to Transform Our Lives

There is no doubt that it is imperative for companies to engage in a serious digital transformation of their business and production processes to maintain their competitive advantage. Customers want products at a competitive price, always offering more features and new services. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be one of the low-cost keys that respond to these new challenges.

The results of a survey international Gartner with more than 3,000 CIOs confirm the importance of initiatives focused on Artificial Intelligence. 25% of companies and organizations have deployed AI techniques, or have included them in their short-term capacity improvement plans.

And this trend is on the rise. Compared to a baseline dating back to 2015, the decision to implement AI solutions increased by 10%.

The AI ​​would become the best client interface for accessing and leveraging enterprise data.

Big Data, the engine of Artificial Intelligence

As soon as we talk about massive data, Artificial Intelligence naturally has a tendency to break into the debate. This is normal since knowledge is the raw material of Artificial Intelligence, and one needs knowledge to properly exploit the data. Often, moreover, this knowledge is extracted from these data

In recent years, we have been harvesting and structuring in huge data warehouses to make the most of them. Artificial Intelligence naturally becomes a critical component of the fine exploitation of data:

  • The extraction of the value from a gigantic volume of data.
  • The matching of the logic of the data.

In terms of competitiveness, it’s a good idea to adapt your data strategies, taking into account the AI ​​features that can maximize the value you bring to your business.

In a 2017 study, Price Waterhouse Cooper demonstrates the importance of thinking about AI, noting that for 72% of business leaders, AI is a competitive advantage – a good reason to ramp up in this area.

Choosing a good AI approach for businesses

In the case of data strategies, AI is a set of numerical methods that can extract knowledge from data faster and more accurately than a human could.

In this respect, AI enriches human intelligence by using algorithms (which are, in a way, the innovative human spirit in action). These algorithms teach the machine to learn and reason from these data and allow the creation of predictive models as well as decision support systems.

For example, they form the basis of a complete system called “digital twin” which integrates Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and software analytics with data to create living digital simulation models that update and change as their physical counterparts change. This digital twin improves competitiveness, reduces costs, and speeds product launch.

AI: a new way of thinking

AI now takes the form of digital assistants, chatbots, predictive or prescriptive models, and decision support systems. There are many future applications, but as the Gartner trend cycle has shown, the pinnacle is yet to come.

So let’s take a look at the current functioning of AI by taking the example of automobiles:

The tools we use on a daily basis are an excellent example of assisted intelligence . Autonomous cars are not yet a reality, but think of the GPS navigation systems that equip your vehicle or your smartphone. They provide you with the information you would have trouble remembering, such as the route to your destination. Add to this the knowledge of external information, such as the state of the road and traffic, and you have a help system that allows you to choose the optimal route.

  • Enhanced Intelligence: Shared car services are one example. There are AI techniques that specialize in the data generated by car sharing apps. Companies in this sector can thrive today because AI allows them to organize their resources without being limited to a simple review of available vehicles.
  • Autonomous intelligence: Researchers have become interested in this field and have created laboratories such as Virginia Tech University. The goal is to bring this technology to a sufficient degree of maturity to be able to use it safely on the smart roads that are being developed right now. The reality is that, very soon, cars, trucks and motorcycles will be able to communicate with the road networks on which they drive.

AI is now well positioned to transform all vertical markets, be it the general public, businesses or governments. What motivate industries since the market has a potential of $ 70 billion.

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