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How Technology Can Help You Clean Out Your House

Editor’s Note: The following guest post comes from Cassie Phillips, an internet security expert and blogger. Cassie is going to share with us her perspectives on how smart tech can help your house cleaning.

Back in the day, as industry and commerce began to embrace those early word processors and computers, life in the office was going to get so much easier. The massive amount of storage on a 3.5” floppy disc (1.44 MB) meant we were heading for the paperless office. With all this automation, we were going to work less hours, and have more time to indulge in the things we enjoyed.

For most of us it never happened, at least, not at that time. But the digital age had arrived, and things were beginning to change. Although those original expectations were perhaps a little premature, over the last 20 years they have become an almost frightening reality. Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the form of robots has massively reduced the need for humans in many industries, with many more yet to be affected.

While in many areas the technological advances of AI are giving cause for concern, in others, in conjunction with Big Data analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT), it is making day to day living much easier, and nowhere more so than in the home.

The Internet of Things in the Home:

Technology in the home is nothing new. Room and radiator thermostats to monitor the heating system and accessories that switch themselves on and off have been around for years. Nowadays though, with the ability to synchronise all your digital hardware such as laptop, tablet and smartphone, you can do anything, including clean the house from anywhere – without lifting a finger.

In the early 21st century, the first robotic vacuum was marketed which would set off to suck up the dust from floor and carpets while avoiding any obstacles in its way, before returning to its docking point. Now there are not only vacuums, but robo mops which automatically sense whether to wash or sweep wood or tiled floors. With one upstairs and one downstairs, the carpets, rugs, kitchen, bathroom and toilet floors, can all be vacuumed and washed in half the time.

If you’re fed up having to hunt out the dustpan every time the kids drop food on the kitchen floor or Fido tips his food bowl over, consider getting a Smartcan. Smartcan is your smarter than average waste-bin. Use in the normal way for your kitchen waste, but when those little mishaps occur, no more hunting for the dustpan. Just sweep the debris in front of Smartcan and it will be sucked up. It will also remind you when to take out the rubbish and when to restock on bin liners.

For items that you want to clear out of your home, consider selling them online. Sites like Bountye make it easy for you to list items and sell them, helping you to clear out your home.

Don’t Forget Those First Impressions:

First impressions mean a lot, especially if you have your house up for sale. The state of your windows is the first thing prospective buyers notice as they walk up the path. If window cleaning is not your particular thing consider a robot to do it for you. Although a certain amount of manual labour is required, a Winbot is a window cleaning bot. All you have to do is spray the suckers, stick it on the window and the bot will do the rest. Even though you have to move it window to window, it is great for large picture windows and patio doors.

While cleaning the windows, let’s not forget the gutters, especially if the house is surrounded by deciduous trees. Now you can get a bot with a head for heights. Stick him in the gutter and he´ll do the rest, while you keep your feet firmly on the ground.

The Future is Just Around the Corner:

Digital technology is still very much in its infancy. Yet in the short time it has been in existence it has already had a massive effect on all our daily lives. It has changed the way we communicate with each other. It has influenced our buying habits. We get bombarded with targeted advertising gleaned from our browsing habits and credit card use.

The time is not that far away when buying a new home will mean buying a totally smart home. The Internet of Things already allows you to open and close curtains, switch lights on and off, lock and unlock doors, all at the press of a key, or a voice command to your smart speaker. In the future cleaning will be done at the press of a key or by voice command.

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Cassie Phillips

Cassie Phillips is a security and technology blogger and an expert in staying safe online. She is a veteran content marketer and knows how catastrophic security breaches can be when you’re running internet campaigns.

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