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Factory 4.0 – Collect Big Data and Use Smart Data

Some factory bosses can no longer hear the foreign words: Algorithm, Big Data, Cloud, Cyber-Physical Systems, Internet of Things, and Smart Devices. In fact, the road to the Smart Factory is paved with academic contributions.

Factory 4.0 increases productivity and makes working easier. It increases productivity by between 20 and 30 percent, as all processes on an IT platform can be tracked in real-time, and errors can be instantly recognized and remediated. And the Factory 4.0 makes it easier to work, because it shows the right information to the user at the right time in the right place on their browser-enabled devices for everyone involved.

From the flood of data to useful information

It is about transforming Big Data into smart data and visualizing all results via the Cloud automatically and user-friendly for all roles in the factory in real time. Transform data mass into data class – that’s a crucial point because the network of the machines will generate tsunami of confusing data. This must be planned in advance into key indicators and later converted into user-friendly visual analysis – from the flood of data to useful information.

The more user-friendly the technology, the greater its acceptance

The importance of user-friendly operation of technology 4.0 cannot be overestimated, especially in times of eSports and computer games with top resolution on the screen. Smart Factory needs smart data that is automated and easy to use. Finally, the demands on modern factory control are growing due to ever new product variants and ever shorter life cycles – the more flexible and user-friendly the technology, the greater the acceptance of using it.

It’s all about simple configuration, clear visualization, fast analysis and response – all the way to alarming functions. Anyone who wants to quickly see every morning in workplace meetings whether 300 machines are running properly requires clear charts and graphics. The same applies to TPM (Total Productivity Management) audits of individual machines or “TPM islands”, ie special areas in which employees inform themselves and have computer tools at their disposal.

The right information at the right time to the right person in the right form

  • Management: Overall Equipment Effectiveness OEE
  • Head of Division: Current status of production
  • Production: Targeted error analysis according to reasons of disruption
  • Maintenance: Targeted fault analysis from a technical perspective
  • Planning: Current production progress per order
  • Quality: Derivation of effective analyzes

Contribution to a modern leadership culture

The management of manufacturing data as well as a user-friendly visualization are essential contributions to a modern, “smart” management culture within the company. In it, the leaders in style act as motivating coaches instead of as commanders and lead according to objective, transparent key figures.

The main instrument of the smart management culture is digitally recorded target /actual comparisons for all those involved in their area of ​​responsibility so that they can control and counteract these on their own responsibility. In this way, everyone contributes to the increase of the most important company-wide indicator, overall equipment effectiveness, OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness).

Checklist of Production Data Management

  • All necessary information is automated and immediately available
  • They are clearly visualized and easy to manage
  • Orders are automatically taken over by the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and linked to other systems
  • All desired tools for the machine can be managed as a file
  • Key terms are freely definable and are displayed on the worker client
  • Data import and export to document systems is fully automated
  • Parallel to the filing in a database, all documents can be stored in a separate directory
  • Fully automatic monitoring and safeguarding of Numerical Control programs is possible

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