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What are the Innovations in the Field of Home Automation?

If for a long time the concept of the smart home was a dream and accessible only through science fiction, this ideal is no longer so futuristic now. And for good reason, experts are constantly thinking about how to make homes more comfortable, safer and more energy efficient.

Here are some innovations in the field of smart home and home automation that simplify life.

The energy saving assistant for home, a revolution

One of the biggest innovations in home automation is the energy saving assistant. It is a continuous, efficient and economical solution to considerably reduce the electricity consumption of the house, without doing heavy work, or affecting the interior comfort.

Its way how it works is very simple. It is enough to place the assistant in a living room, and then install the electricity sensor that accompanies the breaker of the house. The final step is to install the dedicated mobile application on your smartphone (Android or iOS).

Thanks to the new technologies in this field, it is possible to monitor the power consumption of the house device by device in real time. Even better, the Artificial Intelligence of the assistant proposes concrete actions to be taken to reduce this consumption and to save expenses.

The energy saving wizard literally turns the home into a smart home with meticulous energy, and saves up to 25% electricity. This is an alternative that is even more effective than an isolation of all the walls of the house. This is certainly one of the major innovations in the field of home automation.

The connected fridge, for optimal comfort

Many other novelties are actually topical in several sectors, particularly with regard to connected home appliances. In this area, the advent of the smart fridge is a flagship innovation in home automation. Equipped with several cameras, it scans the labels of the products to possibly indicate the expiry dates that are approaching.

These cameras also make it possible to realize remotely an inventory of the remaining provisions, and to establish its shopping list accordingly. But beyond these aspects, what impresses with this innovation in home and home automation, is the giant touch screen located on the fridge door and which displays the interior, avoiding unnecessary openings.

The plastic film connected: intimacy at will

Affixed to the windows, the connected plastic film is controlled directly from the mobile phone. It allows the windows to go from total opacity to a clear transparency, according to desires, and that’s not all: the bay window thus created can even be transformed into a giant screen to receive the images of a video projector. What to kill two birds with one stone!

The intruder camera, for enhanced security

The security aspect has not been forgotten by home automation innovations. The anti-intrusion camera is a good proof. Thanks to an infrared detection, it easily distinguishes between the passages of an animal, the fall of an object, or a human presence around the house, thus avoiding false alarms.

The connected lock: secure and easy access

The smart lock is in the same register as the smart camera. It replaces old bulky keys, and allows you to open doors more simply, bringing your smartphone closer to a sensor. The remote opening is possible for example in case of delivery of a package, and thanks to CCTV cameras, the whole scene can be followed!

And that’s not all…

The smart fire detector, connected alarms, smart washing machines, interactive cooktop, kitchen scale, smart personal assistant, and connected light bulbs are all other interesting innovations in the field of the home automation. The list is far from exhaustive, and the least we can say is that with the progress of home automation, the concept of smart home still has a bright future!

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