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3 Digital Trends in the World of Tomorrow

The digital revolution is of course the computer and the power of the Internet, but it goes well beyond that. It is a movement that comes directly from the work of the science of quantification of the world: it is a matter of transforming everything into data and transforming everything by data, and to deal with the growing mass of data, it is now necessary to rely on Artificial Intelligence

In 2017, here are the three major digital trends identified: Human Focus, Nature Made Human and Post Human.

Human Focus

The first trend “Human Focus” reveals how digital accompanies, protects, monitors, recovers and develops the capabilities of individuals.

Thanks to sensors positioned at your fingertips, computer and screen, this exoskeleton makes the hand more intelligent and allows using the sense of touch so as to be able to feel the objects: this glove transforms the touch into data! Inside the glove, the individual is completely immersed in Virtual Reality. This innovation makes it possible, for example, to repair a defective part in support of instructions that progressively scroll on the screen. The hand becomes a digital extension of our body. There are potentially innumerable transpositions at the medical, industrial or production levels of goods and services.

Nature made human

The second trend, “Human Nature”, shows that digital is at the service of the protection of natural resources and sustainable development.

For example, the connected bracelet is able to measure your carbon consumption of the day. You take the car? Your carbon footprint increases and you are advised to return. This is a way to quantify people’s carbon consumption in order to adapt the behaviour and protect the environment at certain level. We are at the crossroads of the “quantitative self” (the tendency to measure all that we and our body do) and self-directed surveillance, a concept applicable in other fields, such as control of one’s diet for example.

Post human

The third trend, “Post Human” asks us: have we come to a new era? The acceleration of technological progress seems to bring us closer to a tipping point, called in the jargon “singularity”: this is the moment when Artificial Intelligence surpasses the limited biological intelligence … Is this the birth of a new golden age, that of complementarity between men and machines, or the age of substitution, with men being replaced by machines?

There is the question of the post human: machines that interact with us, which complement and develop us, which replace us … and which may be the new point of reference.

The machine, as a doctor would do, asks relevant questions to establish a pre-diagnosis of your state of health via a chatbot. The chatbot then analyzes the answers to convey recommendations ranging from “it is urgent to go to the hospital” to “we recommend you buy aspirin in pharmacy”!

An invention that could revolutionize the medical profession and the world of health!

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