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7 Trends You Must Know for the Strategy of E-Commerce

As you probably know, the e-commerce industry is a sector that is reinventing itself to be up to date. What are the strategies to make you successful in e-commerce? Following a list of seven trends in e-commerce strategy:

1. User experience

Because we are now in a world where the customer is king, innovation must first be developed for the customer: services, customer relations, personalization, new uses … to further improve this customer experience.

2. Analysis of data at the heart of e-commerce

Data or data analysis remains at the heart of the e-commerce strategy. Because processing and analyzing data is an essential element to know the needs of customers and to satisfy them at the best with strategies. The “data” strategies concern the three fields of e-commerce: technologies, digital marketing and logistics.

3. Mobility in e-commerce

According to the “Digital in 2017 Global Overview” report from We Are Social, almost two-thirds of the world’s population now has a mobile phone, and more than half of the world’s web traffic now comes from mobile phones. Therefore, mobile customer experience that counts a lot.

4. Artificial intelligence (AI) in e-commerce

It is another more advanced aspect of the customer experience that must be able to optimize the customer journey in the personalization of the customer experience with regard to the statistical analysis in terms of recurrent need. Artificial intelligence (AI) in five fields: perception, language comprehension, reasoning, problem solving and learning.

5. Instant messaging in e-commerce

Because instant messaging in e-commerce is one of the fastest ways to answer the questions and concerns of online customers instantly. Like the live chat, WhatsApp, WeChat or Facebook Messenger very popular in the world.

For large companies, it is a full-fledged communication channel, used to engage in proactive conversations, offer interesting brand experiences and acquire customers.

6. The digital transformation of the company

The strategy of e-commerce is also the state of mind of the digital culture of the human resource that is at the heart of the strategy. It is therefore necessary to train the employees of the company to “think and act digitally” and it is not only the business of the IT department or innovation.

7. The security of online payments

Is the transaction on your e-commerce site safe? Because the internet network has a lot of disadvantage in terms of data security, with a secure online payment system complying with IT security standards is one of the most important steps to take to reassure customers.

In short, this list is non-exhaustive, but it reveals seven of the best trends to know absolutely to succeed in your e-commerce strategy.

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