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5 Powerful Benefits of Mobile Preventive Maintenance Technology

Editor’s Note: The following guest post comes from Lindsey Walker, a Marketing Manager at NEXGEN Asset Management. Lindsey is going to share with us her perspectives on how mobile preventive maintenance technology helps businesses improve productivity.

Businesses big and small around the world today cannot do without mobile technology. This is especially true for professionals in the field of facility maintenance and management. The nature of operations in this field and the challenges that are faced by maintenance managers, make mobile technology a perfect companion to the preventive maintenance software which is widely utilized for a robust maintenance strategy.

Thanks to technological progress, the integration of mobile technology and preventive maintenance software has become a success. Given its numerous benefits, mobile technology today, is one of the most widely adopted tools across facilities, no matter their size.

Facility managers are pushing the envelope with the help of mobile preventive maintenance technology to drive optimal operations and extract maximum results for their organizations. So let’s take a look at five key benefits of this technology which are transforming the preventive maintenance scenario:

1. Saves Resources

Facility managers can save valuable resources such as time, labor and money, and contribute to conserving environment. They can attend to work orders and control the work flow from absolutely anywhere, pictures can be uploaded easily and hence the entire maintenance operation becomes less labor and time intensive. Besides, the cost of paper and fuel are also eliminated. All of this over a period of time contributes towards cost saving and environment conservation as well.

2. Boosts Accuracy

Mobile maintenance software takes inaccuracy out of the operational equation. Be it issuing work orders or submitting task completion reports, information regarding every task can be noted and transferred digitally. Since data is not recorded on paper, the scope for errors throughout the process is almost eliminated. This eventually leads to increased accuracy for all your maintenance operations.

3. Provides Access to Real-time Data

One of the major advantages of mobile maintenance software is that the users get to access real-time data, which is of great importance when it comes to any kind of maintenance task. Well-designed mobile maintenance software such as mobile CMMS software comes with an easy-to-operate interface which simplifies access to data. This makes the way ahead smooth for the entire team, thus saving time and efforts.

 4. Offers Convenience

The combination of mobile technology and preventive maintenance software offers great convenience because of its versatile functionality. It helps managers tackle reactive, preventive as well as predictive maintenance tasks effortlessly and optimally. Whether they are within the facility or at site, maintenance managers can easily access the software with their mobile devices and handle tasks on the spot.

 5. Improves Efficiency

Since mobile maintenance software enables access to real-time data, it eventually boosts efficiency of the entire process-chain. Information is conveyed much faster, more accurately and hence the response time is greatly reduced. All of this contributes towards making the maintenance processes more quick and accurate.

Your entire maintenance team can operate effortlessly and deliver maximum results with mobile preventive maintenance software. This will eventually help your facility reap both tangible and intangible profits on multiple levels. So assess your maintenance requirements and invest accordingly in comprehensive mobile preventive maintenance software to unlock the full potential of your assets and team for unhindered growth.

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Lindsey Walker

Lindsey Walker works for NEXGEN Asset Management as their Marketing Manager. With a B.S in Business Information Management, she excels at business development, project management as well as asset management. Her passion for writing allows her to find time from her busy work schedule to share her knowledge on asset management, geographic information systems (GIS), software implementation, training curriculum development, and similar topics. When she isn't working or writing, she loves to work out, do puzzles and listen to instrumental music.

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  • August 10, 2017 at 5:56 pm

    I liked how you talked about how managers can access the software whether they’re on site or away by using a mobile device. I’m doing some research on preventative software and trying to learn more about its benefits. Accessing it remotely seems like a really great plus. https://www.maintsmart.com/maintenance-cmms-software/


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