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4 Important Questions for Your Big Data Solution Provider

Are you looking for a solution to better manage your data? Good luck! Every day, platforms emerge as the ultimate tool for intelligent data management. Big data is a big business. According to a recent study by Business Wire, the market would increase from 8.9 billion currently to 14.21 billion in 2019.

All these smart data platforms make beautiful graphics with your data mountain. They provide analysis relevant to your target audience, at least which is what they claim. But how to make the right choice from those tools?

A reliable partner

If (smart) data becomes so important for your business in the future and you can be certain that the provider of your system will occupy an important place. It is therefore best to think about the best longer term solutions before making a final choice. Working with a reliable partner will be a good start, which you can easily attach for technical support. You should try to choose a technology (easy to use) that you can develop in the future, even if your supplier disappears or you want to terminate the relationship with them.

If you, the chief data officer, the company manager or the IT collaborator are looking for a supplier for an adequate data system, what should you ask them for during the exploratory interview?

1. Do you understand our problem?

Your data solution must offer added value to your business. The supplier must be able to define your problems and point you in the right direction based on the data. It must be able to transform your big data into smart data. Does your provider care? Is it looking at your professional challenges and your target audience? Do they know what sources of information can bring you added value?

2. Can you integrate the platform into our environment?

You prefer that your data system runs in your own environment, as data is essential and investment generally important. How will you integrate this platform into your own environment? How will you keep your precious data at home?

3. Is your software based on open source and Cloud?

Two main trends are undeniable in IT: open source and Cloud. A totally independent data system, incompatible with other applications and impossible to deploy online is too limited. Choose an open system that is easy to connect to other systems.

4.How long will it take for me to get back my investment?

Your big data software must offer added value. And this surplus value must be translated into turnover and profit. Ask your supplier what numbers he can present. How can it realize your ROI?

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