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5 Online Marketing Essential Factors for Any New Business

You may have just created your business but have not budgeted for online marketing. This is a very common mistake. Marketing can seem like a fuzzy activity for many people, and the difficulty of quantifying the return on investment.

At the time of setting up online marketing, there are many elements to consider. They are all based on essential factors to a good marketing strategy.  Following are five essential pillars of online marketing for your business to strive for greater efficiency.

1. The website

Your website is your online storefront. What is the impression that customers may experience past the window of a shop where the colors, the materials, the products presented and the lights are reflected and designed to match their desires and tastes? We would cause the same impression before your online storefront.

The content must be of quality if you want the potential customer decides to cross the door of your store. It is much more simple, fast and convenient for your visitors to become your customer by visiting your website. In addition to offering a warm welcome, your site should encourage him to stay as long as possible (which implies interest and preference in competition). The content must be relevant, quality and different, your company’s image.

2. The position in search engines

Your place on the search engines is not to be taken lightly. In the previous example, consider the difference between a shop window, as beautiful as it is located in a narrow and winding road leading to a dead end, and that of its direct competitor at the beginning of the street directly overlooking pedestrian axis. Would you wish to be the second position? Same for your website in the search engines, if your website is the first site on the first page of the search engines, you will create traffic to your website and thus encourage customers to buy.

To improve this aspect of online marketing, it is necessary to create quality and interesting content that can be shared on other relevant websites or social networks. The more your content will be viral, the more it will gain visibility and better positioning of your search engine. An active and dynamic professional blog can also be a good asset.

3. A professional blog

This is actually an asset, for it has momentum and can help create traffic. It is important that the blog has high quality contents and is regularly updated. An inactive blog or superficial contents drive the opposite effects to those desired. The blog also allows sending visitors to your website. It also creates links with other bloggers who have some influence so that they can talk about you and suddenly create traffic to your blog, which refers to your website.

4. The social network

Your presence on social networks is a key to increase your visibility and be anchored in the minds of users. You can interact with your customers, changing them into “followers “, regularly communicate with them, and encourage them to stay loyal. The purpose of this communication is to encourage your customers to remember you. For this effort, it is essential to know the target audience and the ways of communication (language used, events and publications).

5.Email marketing

This is another tool to build customer loyalty. The idea is to constantly stay in touch with them for many reasons: promotions, events, premieres, new releases or even invitations. The balance remains important: these grounds should be reasonably used and not to send messages and flood the client’s mailboxes. It would have bad consequences for you, as land in the “spam”.

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