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Top 14 Tools to Measure Your Social Media Success

All companies, from small corner store to large multinational brand, now know that they have to present themselves in social media. When you use the right tools to conduct social media analysis, you can measure your success and compare different strategies. They recognize what works and what does not and can design appropriate campaigns.

Internet users today have an average of 5.54 social media accounts (globalwebindex), brands also maintain accounts in various networks, for example, a dedicated social media analysis tool for each page, or a single tool that covers all networks on which you are travelling.

Integrated Social Media Analytics Tools

Some social networks offer the opportunity to examine the success of your efforts directly in the platform. The functionality of these tools can be somewhat limited compared to a comprehensive analysis tool, but since they are free and available to everyone, they will be a good start for your social media analysis.

1. Facebook Insights

Facebook offers social media analysis via the Facebook Insights platform. This tool is available to all administrators in your organization as soon as you have more than 30 fans.

It shows you detailed metrics about your posts and the resulting commitment. Audience analysis can help you understand who is involved with you and contain demographic and location-related information.

Engagement metrics can be displayed for each post. They show you what kind of content works best. The tool differentiates between responses from paid advertising and those which are naturally generated, so you get an overview of the value of your paid advertising.

In addition, there are metrics to video views, actions on your side and the reach of your posts.

2. Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest also provides an integrated analysis platform. It is available for every user with a business account once you have registered your website with Pinterest. This allows Pinterest to track the traffic between your website and the social network.

With Pinterest Analytics, you can track various metrics. The tool divides the analyzes into your pin activity and audience activity, and shows which pins are driving traffic to your website.

Topics covered metrics include average daily impressions and viewer, sex, language, total number of Repins, total clicks and likes.

3. Twitter Analytics

Twitter has an integrated analysis platform for both individuals and companies.

The number of your tweets impressions, visits, mentions and followers are persecuted. There are also monthly statistics on your favorite tweets, mentions and followers.

You can click on any tweet to see the impressions, likes, retweet and commitment.

If your business Twitter Cards have enabled you Twitter Analytics can also show the metrics for performance of all your cards.

4. Instagram Insights

Instagram Insights has recently been launched; however, it is so far only available in some regions. The launch will be continued and soon the platform should include all companies.

Until then, there are numerous other tools that can provide social analysis for Instagram, For example, Simply Measured, Locowise, Squarelovin, Union Metrics, Iconosquare, Collec.to…

5. YouTube Analytics

YouTube offers its own analysis tool, so that everyone who has uploaded a video that can check its performance.

The tool displays performance metrics, engagement metrics and demographics. It helps you understand how users found your video, how much they have looked at whether they have visited your website and who is your audience.

6. Google Alerts

Although not a social media analyzer in the real sense, Google Alerts is undoubtedly extremely useful. It allows you to examine the web for new content, mentions around your brand, competitor or thought-leader in the industry. Alerts can be set up quickly and easily.

By creating an alert, you receive email notifications as soon as Google posts new results on blogs, forums, and message pages.

7. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a web analytics tool primarily and only plays a small, but not unimportant role in the social media analysis: It provides an overview of the social media sites that direct traffic to your own web page.

From Click Acquisition and Social Referral, you can see which social sites generate the most visitors to your site. You might recognize that for a particular network, the effort and cost is not worthwhile, because it does not generate traffic and another and high-performance network should receive more attention.

The Cross-Platform Social Media Analytics Tools

With the following tools you can carry out the social media analysis for all your accounts. Usually only paid tools offer this service. However, many of them contain free features or for a trial period free. As always, quality has its price. Thus, many paid tools have much more advanced features and more flexibility. This means that you can get deeper insights and go far beyond counting mentions and likes.

8. Brand24

It is a web-based dashboard that provides real-time insights and detailed statistics on your content and audiences. It is a 14-day free trial period offered and a business package for home users and small businesses for 49 dollars a month.

9. Twazzup

You can search for a brand, key phrase or hashtags to get real-time results and analysis.

Twazzup shows you the top influencers, all recent tweets, top photos, keywords and links. The tool does not necessarily go into detail, but it is offered free of charge.

10. Simply Measured

Simply Measured is a paid tool, however, offers several free individual reports for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Vine. You need to follow only the Simply Measured Twitter account to get a report.

The Insights provide Facebook content, competitor and fan analysis, the essential Twitter analyzes, Instagram engagement, content and trend analysis, and more.

11. Social Mention

Social Mention is free and offers a real-time platform that enables searches and analysis in social media. Mentions are arranged in a single stream and contain top keywords, hashtags and pages. Impact is measured by strength, sentiment, emotion and reach.

12. BrandMentions

The Social Media Tracker from BrandMentions is a social media analytics tool that offers you valuable analytics insights one click away. Social media tracker is able to measure the performance of social media brands. Social reports enable you to identify ways to improve your marketing campaigns.

Social media tracking is the process of monitoring brands’ online conversations. Social analytics tools help you listen to what people say about brands on different social channels. These tools watch social media, news, blogs and media, and provide you with valuable insights about Share of Voice on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more.

13. Cyfe

You can register for free to create a dashboard that can be used to track a wide range of networks. Numerous widgets enable observation of networks, accounts and pages. The paid account offers enhanced functionality for the price of 19 dollars per month.

14. Quintly

Quintly covers Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube, and also offers a free tool for Facebook analyzes. Quintly is a dashboard tool. It provides a standard dashboard that can be customized with widgets on your needs and metrics measures that are relevant for you.

The free offer covers 3 Facebook pages and an overview of Follower and engagement statistics. Paid packages start at 129 dollars per month, and a 14-day free trial period.

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