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5 Steps to Create Powerful Content Marketing for Any Business

To create content and tell story from your business data is not easy and the crafting of fresh, original content can be particularly troublesome. Before diving into the whole business data, you should stop and think about what do you try to achieve and how you can achieve it.

For any content creation, the first question you should ask yourself is what the objectives are for the content? You may want to be linked frequently to increase your referral traffic, or the content is often shared and helps to increase brand awareness. Whatever your goals are, you should formulate them at the beginning and target your content to achieve these goals.

1. Consider your audience

For any content creation, you should consider your target audience. What are they talking about, how do they talk about it, and where do they talk about it? The questions of “what” and “how” can help you find clues about what you can write about. The question of “where” is important when it comes to promote the content.

2. Find a topic

The second step is to decide on a relevant topic. Taking a look at the news and social media for inspiration, Google Trends, and trend themes on Facebook and Twitter can help you find a story that is already part of a public conversation. If your topic is up-to-date, in many cases, you must act quickly to make the content available quickly. You’ll usually discover a story as soon as these waves hit and people start talking about it. So you can push the conversations and become part of the story rather than just follow it.

3. Develop questions

The third step is to keep an eye on what you want to find and create some questions. For example, do more people talk about the Xbox or PS4? What are the most popular destinations? If you are analyzing the data, you may find an area you have never thought of. You may also find that the story is hidden behind the data. However, Asking these questions can prevent you from digressing too far from what you actually wanted to find.

4. Finding the hanger

After you’ve found the story, you’ll need to find a hanger that will attract the readers. Does it confirm or make any assumptions? Is it humorous? Does it touch egos? Your title should encourage your audience to click on the link, so invest a bit of time to find an appealing one. Brainstorm different styles that your audience could appeal to. Ask your team members what title should be using.

5. Create Appealing visualizations

By visualizing the data, your audience can understand the content more quickly and will be more willing to share it. If you do not have a designer, there are also several free tools to quickly create good visualizations. There are some powerful tools on the market that require coding experience, but there are also simpler data visualization alternatives for non-coders.


Of course, not every content will be successful. You will go through a test phase for a while to find out what kind of content works. However, if you deliver content quickly (and as we mentioned earlier, you often need to be fast as long as it’s relevant), you have higher chances to achieve your ROI goals.

After the content has been published and advertised, follow your efforts by comparing your goals and results with a number of metrics. This will depend on your specific campaign and brand, but tracking a combination of social shares, referral traffic, engagement, press coverage and backlinks will give you a good idea of ​​how successful your approach was.

By comparing these metrics for each content, you can see what kind of content works best for you. After a while of experimentation, you are able to create interesting and relevant content at regular intervals, which leads to great success.

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