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4 Social Media Strategies for Big Data Marketing

In our digital world today, no one will doubt the power of social media and the massive data flows it generates. However, to take advantage of the Big Data benefits offered by social networks, companies need to use a number of essential strategies and methods to create a strong audience group. Most brands have realized the big challenges of analyzing the data generated by its targeted audience via social networks in order to better optimize their marketing campaigns.

There are a number of tools for any companies that rely on the social media data to segment and personalize customer experience.

CRM – the art of managing customer relationships in the digital era

With the advent of social networks, behavioural change and communication methods, the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) took a different look. Their application has become essential for marketing:

  • The CRM is a customer data collection tool for segmentation of the targeted audience; for example, knowing the needs and expectations of customers and enhance customer support.
  • The CRM tool is a feedback tool or an interactive tool that is sometimes positioned as an after-sales service for better retention.
  • The CRM tool is like “a social measurement” for measuring the level of commitment to your business ROI (Return on Investment).

Big Data or smart data

As the name suggests, with the Big Data, you have at your fingertips a wealth of data collected from people related to your business whether on the web or through the social networks.

Since almost all of the data (about 85% source) on the Internet are owned by web giants such as Google Facebook or Twitter (social networking), brands have the opportunity through Big data, to provide the right offer and the right product to the right customer at the right time –  a form of personalization of the online experience and buying experience. For example, create marketing strategies

  • according to its queries on search engines,
  • according to its affinities, friends, or
  • depending on its location at time

To benefit from this black gold of the 21st Century, it is necessary to have a certain technical skills. However, many companies still lack developed social media marketing teams with right expertise and tools. According to a study by IBM, 90% of data would be unusable (source) because very often, companies have partial, informal, non-consolidated and even non updated information, and that’s why large groups now need to recruit and train Data Scientists, experts for Big Data applications.

The marketing automation or cloud marketing solution

Marketing automation is a set of software platforms designed to automate repetitive tasks and provide analytical tools for the marketing departments (email, social media, website, etc.). In other words, it is positioned as a set of techniques, tools and solutions to improve the productivity of the marketing teams to deal with tens or hundreds of leads generated in a few days by a campaign, and traffic to your web page.

Applied to social networks, marketing automation is a real lever in the communication strategy of the brands likely to make them more independent and able to maintain a customer relationship. Even better, with the Cloud-based solutions, many automated marketing solutions can offer a range of advantages to grasp.

It starts from automatically sending emails and optimizing your prospects through monitoring your actions on social networks to analyzing the behaviours of your prospects and ranking your leads.

Lead generation – art to detect serious leads and convert prospects

Lead generation literally means creating business opportunities. It is a marketing process to gather information on people (contact, e-mail function, sex…) and could potentially recommend future clients. Lead generation could be presented in the form of a request for information by phone, paper or electronic form, or a click on a web page followed by downloading a document, registration and/or participation in web events, response to a promotional offer.

Thanks to the information generated by the social networks (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram …), the leading brands operating in the E-Commerce sector now have the opportunity to conduct automated and customized campaigns which lead to optimized conversion process. Therefore, the right offer is able to send to the right prospect and at the right time.

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