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3 Major Trends that Influence Marketing Analysis

Three key factors will influence the future of digital marketing analysis and how the analysis is involved in marketing and decision-making.

  • First, the customer experience has improved significantly through the automation of marketing activities. The progress made these last 2 years strengthening their impact in 2016.
  • Then, use the media develops in different formats. Thus, even larger amount of data flood the marketing, even amplifying the Big Data.
  • Finally, traditional and digital techniques will still merge some more. The cross-channel marketing will thus become the norm.

What will be the influence of these factors on the future of marketing analysis? Here are three trends that will take a strategic importance in terms of marketing analysis:

1.Predictive analytics will grow well beyond simple modeling

Marketers are already using historical data to predict the next consumer action. But this is the only first step; predictive analytics must project beyond the “soon”.

With all the data or bigger data we already have, we can understand the past, as well as look far into the future. Predictive analytics will not only look at what happened previously and use that information to predict what will occur, but also to anticipate the next steps. For example, a customer operating in the retail sector uses predictive modeling to forecast the sales of certain products.

2.Prescriptive analysis will become the norm

If predictive analysis provides us with information, the prescriptive analysis is interested in making. It allows us to examine the data from predictive analytics and go a little further into the future. It relies on data or content to determine decisions and actions to achieve the objective.

The prescriptive analysis tries to anticipate the effects of future decisions so that they can be amended before being taken. The consideration of future results will significantly improve decision-making. Prescriptive analysis is an optimization tool that helps you decide how to use the information and make the best possible decision.

Today, most marketers that use data and analysis for decision-making purposes only focus on predictive analytics. With better trained and advised, marketing specialists will perceive the significance of prescriptive element. The predictive analysis currently gaining in complexity, they will feel more comfortable relying on prescriptive analysis for decision-making. This tool will certainly grow and become the new standard.

3.Data visualization facilitate interactive storytelling

Technological advances have made the visualization of data much more accessible. Now, it is increasingly important to use visualization to tell the data stories. Marketers can facilitate data visualization technologies and make the desired result easier to achieve.

This is a turning point for marketing analysis.

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