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Big Data for Everyone – Handling Raw Materials with Right Tools

The Big data word is in vogue in the world of business; but at the same time, it can be scary to non-specialists. In fact, Big Data is the raw material, and everyone, not just the specialists, can find the initial resources they really need.

The simplicity of consumer Apps

The popularity of smartphones, tablets and increasing penetration in our daily lives has significantly increased our exposure to connected objects. On average, a user has about 23 applications installed on their smartphones. Some are rarely open, while others have become vital.

Whether the agenda, email or note taking applications, they have been used at any time of the day, and their user interfaces are becoming more user-friendly and easier for users to facilitate their tasks.

Products designed by Apple popularized the idea that a good interface is an interface that does not require a user manual. This change in practice has led to a significant change user expectations in the professional world. In addition, these products have made the border less noticeable between personal life and business work because anybody who carries a smartphone is able to access office applications or personal agendas anytime and anywhere.

The “Big Data analytics”, the raw material that the right tools can make the best

Big Data concept should include all possible uses from the massive amount of collected data. It is the raw material; everything is set indiscriminately, whether the data is for marketing, customer targeting and policy decision-making or the analysis is to support market situation, recruitment and trends.

Beyond the concept, each job has one or more concrete applications of Big Data to support the requirements of the business, and data can be analyzed with these tools at different levels of details. For example, if you are more interested in data at the macro level, you can compare results according to geographical areas. If you prefer a micro analysis, you can generate statistics month by month over a defined geographical area. Yet both have much to gain by having a better understanding of data.

An opportunity for simplicity

So this raw material has created an opportunity to tools dedicated to a specific task to the end user who use the data. Specialized and easy-to-use software meet strong demand in business. They allow people to shape the raw material to make the solution each business actually needs.

Such software should be designed for the needs of business, and not as statistical analysis software. Applications must answer a specific question and allow users to receive feedback quickly.

The situation is conducive to a break with the past data analytical tools that tries to do everything. The time has come to replace them with initiatives where the product is accurately aligned with the needs of the business.

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