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Autonomous and Connected Cars Write New Rules for Car Industry

The automotive industry is confronted by connected car with the greatest change in its history and is suddenly in competition with Internet companies. At the same time, this development is a breeding ground for many new business models in the B2C and B2B sector.

Digitalization also defines the rules of the automotive industry from scratch. The social needs are changing. Autonomous driving is already gradually reality. For most car manufacturers, to maintain competitive advantage, they need to create faster innovation cycles, and this trend has made the automotive industry with new challenges and data are becoming the most important resource.

Using instead of owning

The demands of society evolve away from owning cars; instead, accessing to various forms of mobility to be more in demand and will be more tailored to the individual needs of people.

Autonomous driving

Already facilitate assistance systems for the driver to drive his vehicle. With intelligent transportation management systems, the existing road infrastructure optimally utilizes and thus greatly reduces the economic and environmental damage caused by traffic jams. The risk of accidents is significantly reduced.

New competition

The automotive industry is facing the biggest change in its history. Traditional carmakers have become increasingly competitive filters from other industries and to stand up to network and IT service providers. Both B2B and B2C created numerous new business models. Safety will be the key factor – Hacker attacks on connected car are a threat to the property and traffic safety.

Faster Innovation

Digitalization redefined the rules for the automotive market. Cars have built-in technology which has significantly longer innovation cycles quickly becomes outdated in relation to the consumer electronics.

Automakers as Big Data Manager

Automotive manufacturers themselves become developers and providers of cloud solutions. They increasingly learn to process data and to refine and to develop new models of cooperation across sectors. They benefit from their expertise, to form and manage alliances.

Autonomous and connected cars will completely change the rules we always had with vehicles, infrastructure and insurance, and will redefine applicable rules across the automotive industry. Car manufacturers have to compete against Internet companies and reinvent itself radically as digital business and provide digitization in the center of their strategy. The question now is who will be the first to gain the big market of commercialized autonomous cars.

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