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Creating Competitive Advantage with Big Data – Data, Experts and Infrastructure

Information is power. Access to better information proves to be a competitive advantage. Clearly, any business relying on better access to data will be more competitive in the market.

Nowadays, information asymmetries are the foundation of any competitive advantage, but data and information provided are not synonymous. While it is much easier to collect data now, but the key is to be able to analyze the data to generate concrete and relevant information.

What can you expect from your data?

As already mentioned, the data collection is the easy part. Many companies thus have impressive amounts of data, the challenge being to use them properly. Indeed, your data should be an advantage, not a cost or risk.

Before you even think about the choice of technologies and analytical models, it is necessary to determine your expectations for your data. What goals would you like to achieve with your data? How can your data help you move to the right direction? Set yourself some goals and have a clear idea of the information that you can take your data to achieve your goals.

Consult with experts

Data analysts are particularly sought after companies realize that data without analysis is useless. To turn raw data into useful and meaningful information for policy makers, it is crucial to call upon the expertise from specialists who will be able to develop models and analyze the data with appropriate technologies.

Adopt the right basic infrastructure

Without good infrastructure, storage and processing of Big Data will be ineffective, inconsistent and even particularly complicated. The challenge is that almost all companies can potentially gain competitive advantages from data to which they have access. However, not all have the essential expertise in physical infrastructure development and management to offer the most efficient and economical approach to store and process a large volume data.

Indeed, the Cloud infrastructure is much more interesting. With this technology, companies of any size can deploy the infrastructure they need, and at the right time. Moreover, given their scalability, they are also perfect for variable workloads that require analyzing Big Data. Finally, since they are programmable, Cloud platforms enable companies to automate the deployment of their infrastructure.

Determine what you can take your data and extract the relevant information for your business, and rely on effective infrastructure to manage your data, all of which allow you to discover the competitive advantages that will boost the growth of your business.

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