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3 Reasons to Use Visual Analysis instead of Static Reports

While the procedures for data acquisition and data storage in recent years have become more and more effective, the interface between man and machine has evolved only slowly. In many companies, the graphical representation is only limited to graphs generating from an Excel spreadsheet with key figures. Many decision makers received only the pre-design information without being able to contribute their expertise and experience in the evaluation and analysis of business information in full screen.

But the situations are changing. More and more business leaders are putting pressure on IT for self-service Business Intelligence (BI) solutions, especially after Big Data becomes the central of almost all business models. Many companies now have recognized the value of data-driven business and are looking for BI solutions that offer quick and timely access to business data to support their daily business activities.

1.Visual BI – use powerful visualization to create intelligence

“Visual Business Intelligence (VBI) is knowledge based on the application of visual data to a business problem or opportunity. The process of visual business intelligence starts with the collection of visual data which is analyzed to create unique information” (Wikipedia).

A key role of visual BI is to general powerful visualizations and interactive user interface (dashboard) using BI (reporting, analysis, planning, etc.) to make business data easier to understand. When it comes to Big Data analytics, data is from various sources, which usually occur in huge volume, in various formats and have complex or rapid analysis requirements. The primary focus are using various methods to turn data into meaningful information quickly to support business analysis or forecasting.

2.Data discovery – explore new insights from data

The term of data discovery comes to some BI tools and it basically means the tools that the skilled user can use to generate flexible views of data. The generated views may lead to new insights from data. Data discovery technique together with self-service BI can help experienced business users to explore data relationships, trends and dependencies by their own. Likewise, information consumers will benefit from an intuitive presentation of complex and large amounts of data, allowing them to collect essential information visually.

3.Data visualization – the problem solver for Big Data

Data are initially in a non-understand format. Data bits and bytes stored in different locations in huge quantities, in structured and unstructured form, in flash memories, hard disks or tape drives.

The amount of world data is rapidly growing and it provides two essential tasks for all business leaders – On the one hand, the question arises how these large amounts of data are the most effective and safest stored; on the other hand, how to take advantage of the information generated from these data.

Using statistical methods and mathematical algorithms results can display information in tabular form or distribution curves. But using data visualization can create definite statements, actionable relationships, surprising insights or even beautiful images.

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