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4 Simple SEO Tips for More Traffic and Better Rankings

After you design a new website with great contents, you need to promote it and let people know it. In order to make people find your website from the search engines, it is important to refine and optimize your SEO. Following the tips below may help your website to achieve success.

1.The role of content

In the world of SEO, nothing is more important than finding the right keywords for your content. The right keywords can make your audience find your website.

The keywords are intended to help search engines like Google to understand what your website is all about. You should add relevant keywords in your web pages.

According to Hubspot, the most important places to optimize for your chosen keywords on your site are:

  • Titles
  • Descriptions
  • Headings and Content
  • Image file names
  • URLs

If you have never done this for your web pages before, you will need to spend some time to work on them. To make you work easier, you can start with the pages with high traffic, and make sure you optimize your future pages as you go.

2.Strengthen your titles

The titles of your pages play an significant role in the potential of SEO of your page. The text within the <title> tag is to describe what your page is all about. Search engines may drive a huge amount of SEO value to the tag content if it is well-formed, contains relevant text, and reflects in the limited space available what the page is about.

The Search Engine Land provides the following 9 best practices:

  • Use only one per page, placed within the <head> tag
  • Place top-performing keywords in descending order
  • Ensure site branding goes last
  • Use no more than 70 characters, including spaces
  • Avoid using stop words
  • Reflect the most important keywords used in the page’s body text
  • Keep it unique between pages
  • Avoid duplicating the exact text string within the <h1> tag text
  • Avoid keyword stuffing

3.SEO works from the inside out

Information about your website from search engines can be as important as SEO practices on your web pages. It is one of the main attractions for many visitors the site and represent a high percentage of organic traffic to your page. It can be done by including concise explanations of your web page contents within the Meta descriptions in your HTML codes.

Like what SEOmoz said:

“Meta description tags, while not important to search engine rankings, are extremely important in gaining user click-through from search engine result pages (SERPs). These short paragraphs are webmasters opportunity to advertise content to searchers and let them know exactly what the given page has with regard to what they’re looking for.”

4.Give Google and Bing notices

Once you have a website to display online, you can let your “friends” in the search engine know that your site is open for business and ready to be found.

For example, you can send your URL to Google’s index Webmaster or  send it to Bing Webmaster  tool.

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