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6 Free and Powerful Cloud Dataviz Apps You Should Not Miss

Presentations with many facts and figures in tables seem boring and not vivid. Data visualization is therefore required and there are now a large number of tools in the cloud. They produce modern-looking and high quality designed infographics such as interactive charts, maps and timelines. The use of these tools is quite simple and quickly leads to interesting results.

Tableau Public

The app is free. It is the limited version of the popular business intelligence solution Tableau. The application allows the interactive combination of graphics and tables from different data sources. The graphs generated a special profile and can be made available for other people.

The free version only recognizes data from Excel and Azure, but numerous options for sorting, grouping and analyzing data. There are numerous types of charts from the line graph to the scatterplot. In addition, the application supports also forecasts and many other BI capabilities.


The web may consist of spreadsheets and databases in presentations with charts, graphs and maps. The free version has only 50 MB and supports only one data source per presentation. Jolicharts is able to create not only individual charts, but also extensive and animated presentations. Text and photo pages may also be inserted.

The service provides all important types of charts and interactive elements for dynamic charts. The completed presentations can be exported as PDF or image file.


The webapp connects blogs with structured data. Data must be entered directly in Silk or uploaded in the form of an Excel spreadsheet. The data can then be displayed and using various visualization tools into interactive maps, charts and other types of infographics.

The completed graphics can be published online and embedded in a blog. The functions of Silk are perfectly adequate to quickly prepare statistical data in a blog post. They do not suitable for data analysis or Business Intelligence. It only contains basic functions for data visualization.


The service is particularly easy to use and can help in generating infographics, conventional charts and maps. The data can be inserted with a table editor or imported from external data sources. The most interesting feature of Infogram is the ability to make simple but sufficient for many purposes infographics.

Although the graphics produced are not as flexible as that which can make a real graphic designers, but should be sufficient for many purposes. The free version is however limited and the paid versions start from a cheap price.


The cloud service is an extremely powerful tool, location-based statistical data to be integrated into interactive maps presentations with. This can be data from the market research, as well as publicly available statistical data from the administrations of the federal, state and local governments.

The open source solution supports a variety of design options with different map styles. Each card can contain multiple layers that can be displayed or hidden. Spatial data can be entered as a table or imported into different data formats. The finished card can finally be inserted either as a link, as a JavaScript file or as “iframe” in its own website.

Timeline JS

Past or chronological data can be displayed quite appealing with an interactive timeline. Timeline JS is an open source software, which is offered as a cloud service. The starting point is a Google spreadsheet that contains the chronological data in rows.

The individual time points on the strip can be supplemented with photos, videos and links from the Internet and links to Wikipedia, Google Maps, Flickr, SoundCloud, YouTube or Twitter. The webapp generates the HTML code for an “iframe”, so that the timeline can be fitted into any web layout.

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