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Is A life Without Internet Possible – 7 Questions to Answer

Still any difference between “online” and “offline”?

There is no clear distinction between “online” and “offline” now. With the smartphone we are always online. We listen to music online, watch online movies; we work, buy and communicate online. In short, many of us always live online.

Is the Internet indispensable or unnecessary for work and play?

Internet is indispensable for work and leisure. It becomes a basic need in the modern world. Without Internet, most people cannot work, cannot communicate with friends, especially when smartphones are becoming more powerful, and easier to connect to the Internet.

Can we still live without data?

The analysis of large amounts of data can make our society better. The predictions can be made more accurate than ever and technical and economic processes can be controlled more efficiently and accurately – for example, the prediction of natural disasters and extreme weather events could save many lives; traffic could be better directed, and prevents traffic jams, parking space and traffic chaos; the energy transition can only succeed by Big Data – the interconnection of hundreds of thousands of small, decentralized systems of electricity generation, consumption and storage, to compensate for the fluctuating generation from sun and wind; the total industrial production can be revolutionized by Big Data ( “Industry 4.0”), self-routing to his systems. There are great opportunities broke that can change our society from the ground up for the better – and deeper than we can imagine today.

Are we scared of the dark side of the digital world?

Although Big Data can make the world better in many respects, but also threaten. For example, the U.S. government already killed suspected terrorists in Pakistan based on Big Data analysis. Soon the innocent people might commit a crime with 99% probability based on the statistical analysis of Big Data.

Can we live without digital social networking?

Internet enables us to do networking with our friends all over the world, 24/7, 365 days, and to access virtually infinite amounts of information and culture. This is enriching but sometimes exhausting; but can we live without this information?

Can the future education without Internet?

The future world will be a digital world. Our children need to be prepared for the future, not the past. If we keep them away from the technology, then we do not protect them, but close them out and hang them from social, cultural, and economic activities. Should we make our children to professionals in the world of tomorrow, or turn them into victims of the school yesterday.

Do we want to keep our lifelong 40-hour working style?

The Internet makes it now possible to organize new forms of employment – work wherever and whenever we want. Digital world can represent in the vision of work-life balance – less dependence and monotony, and get out of the style of lifelong 40-hour permanent position.

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