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Smart Techs are around the Corner, Are you Ready to Adopt?

The connected technologies have taken off and are revolutionizing the world we live in. Whether our phones, our cars, our Internet box or even a range of appliances connected, connected objects are now interfering in all aspects of our daily life to make it more measurable, more foreseeable or smarter.

Connected Sidewalk

Faced with the problem of transportation that meets the most modern cities, the U.S. company Transit Screen, specializing in digital urban signaling has developed a concept of connected sidewalks called “SmartWalk”. Smartwalk is the digital display of real-time transit information and it allows citizens to quickly access the transit information such as directions to the nearest bikeshare rack or metro stop. Except for connected sidewalks , SmartWalk can also display transportation conditions such as local weather in the commuter’s area.

Fig1 - SmartSidewalktransitscreen_smartwalk

Image from Transit Screen

Connected Cars and Autonomous Vehicles

Our future cars will be fully connected to the intelligent roads and smart transportation facilities. For example, if a driver finds an incident, the information may well indicate on a connected monitor attached to his dashboard and data will then be passed on and spread rapidly through the authorities to other road users.

Autonomous vehicles (AVs) represent a major innovation for the automotive industry. With autonomous vehicles, people will have more time for working, relaxing and entertainments while travelling.

The connected car and autonomous vehicle technologies can help reduce accidents and traffic jams in the future smart cities.

Fig 2- connected vehicles

Image from Center of Advanced Automotive Technology

Offices Connected to Your Health

Stir Kinetic has produced an adjustable sit-and-stand desk which is packed with intelligence and a desire to make you healthier. Equipped with WiFi and Bluetooth, this intelligent office desk takes care of your back by adjusting the height of the tray to your posture.

The Stir Kinetic desk is more than just a desk; it knows whether you are at the desk or not through the embedded touch screen and sensors, and artificial intelligence to learn your habits and nudge you toward healthier ones. You can enter your information such as weight, and gender, and set your goals. This intelligent office desk can remind you regularly to relieve your back upright and gently down the tray of office when it’s time for you to stop what you are doing and go and stretch your legs.

FIG - 3 homepage_5panel_1

Image from Stir Kinetic

Smart Home and Alarms Connected

The new home automation technologies have a beneficial impact on buildings and neighborhoods. Indeed, u do smart home connects all these technologies into a house into a smart home network allowing it to be controlled remotely. It is thus possible to know its electricity consumption, to lock your front door remotely or monitor your home through safety features like the alarm MyFox.

MyFox claims that they are the “only security system that prevents break-ins BEFORE they happen”. MyFox uses smart algorithms that help differentiate between vibrations caused by a knock at the door vs something more serious like an attack by a crowbar.  In addition to a sound alarm, the MyFox system will also send a push notification to your connected smart devices for added protection. For example, if you are away from the house, you can use the new Myfox Security Camera as your eyes to determine if the alert is an emergency or not.

Fig-4 bg-section-1

Image from MyFox

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