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6 Mindful Tips About Big Data Analysis Everyone Must Read

We all know that working with data is not quite so simple. It takes time, patience, precision, talent, logical thinking and a special instinct that helps someone to get the right information from the Big Data world.

Following are the 6 tips we recommend to keep in mind for successful Big Data analysis:

1. Dig deeper for richer insights

The most interesting insights are not necessarily at your first attempt. The results gained from your initial analysis can be explored further. You should try to invest time and extra effort to track them down, with richer, deeper insights emerging each time.

2. Change to an open mindset

If you know exactly what you are looking for, the Big Data analysis is easy – too easy. Of course, no one knows your business better than you. However, it will be much more exciting to find out things that you did not even know that they exist. So you go out and try to learn something new, rather than sitting back and confirming your beliefs with solid hypothesis.

3. Find the small treasures in Big Data

Surely it will be excited to see the big trend movements using the Big Data analytics tools. However, one of the most important goals of Big Data analysis is to look for pattern and narrow down the information related to your business. In order to gain actionable results, you need to focus more on the smaller targeted and personalized results from Big Data, rather than the entire massive data set.

4. Clean up your data before using it

Cleaning up data is a huge amount of work and could be very time-consuming, especially when you deal with large data sets. This is why sometimes you need to spend 60-80% of your time to prepare clean data for the actual analysis. This can be frustrating, boring and feel as if no end to the whole thing. However, we should not give up, and should always keep the golden rule in mind – garbage in, garbage out.

5. Promote and maintain a data culture

You can be the most brilliant team member who can work on great data analysts in your company, but your work will be useless if there is no one is listening. Often companies invest in analysis but do not promote the associated culture. The result is that the management and the team leader do not trust consequent findings and conclusions from data analysis. Undeniably, it is a big step up from the gut decision to data-driven decision and that’s why you have to teach your team to trust data.

6. Do not try to analyze everything

The benefits we can take advantage of Big Data is not the volume, it is the variety. You don’t necessarily need to analyze everything about the data to get accurate insights, what you need to make sure is that you are analyzing the right data. In other word, you need to focus on the things that will help you to make actionable decisions that are important for your business.

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