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4 Examples of Using Connected Devices to Make Your Home Smart

Most people know what smartphone is – but what is a smart home?

This term refers to a relatively new, smart way to communicate with your family. There are almost endless, because many devices in your household are already very smart – from your home phone, televisions, computers and music systems to refrigerators, heaters, or lighting control systems.

The Smart Home is to help you to live more comfortable by decreasing you many activities. At the same time, such a modern home helps to save energy and thus both to protect the environment as not to overburden your wallet.

Many of these smart home devices are related to a technical term “Internet of Things” or IoT, which is “the concept of basically connecting any device with an on and off switch to the Internet (and/or to each other). This includes everything from cellphones, coffee makers, washing machines, headphones, lamps, wearable devices and almost anything else you can think of.” (Jacob Morgan)

To explain the concept more clearly, following are four examples of the use of connected objects in home automation to make your home “smart”:

Koubachi Plant Care engine

Koubachi Plant Care engine can monitor its plants by the wifi. A wireless sensor measures soil moisture, light intensity and temperature. Using the integrated wireless module, the data is sent to the Koubachi cloud (company database), where they will be analyzed by the Koubachi Plant Care Engine. The user will receive detailed instructions for the necessary care in watering, fertilizing, misting, temperature and brightness through instant alerts or emails. The company was acquired by the Husqvarna Group in 2015, and Koubachi is now part of the GARDENA smart system team.

Wi-Fi Plant Sensor From Koubachi

Image from coolpile.com


Lockitron was invented by a US start-up: Apigy. A box standing on the door allows the user to open or close the door with the user’s phone. User can open or close the door regardless of their geographic location. Every time someone opens the door with a key or with Lockitron, the user will receive a message. The device does not work only with smartphones but also with less developed cell phones through messages. Lockitron allows a keyless lock, and can control lock/unlock remotely through your phone.


Image from the Lockitron Blog

Luna smart mattress cover

Luna smart mattress cover is able to analyze your sleep and your needs to improve your sleep. Luna studying your habits, your sleep position and from these details, Lina can adjust the temperature in your bed at night. In addition, for a double bed, a portion of the bed is heated to a certain temperature and the other part at a different temperature. Luna also studied breathing and heart rate to analyze if the night was restful. The new bed also includes the activities of the day to correlate with sleep needs. There are many other smart functions provided by Luna.


Image from eightsleep.com

Samsung T9000 refrigerator

Finally, Samsung has created a new refrigerator Samsung T9000. This refrigerator is directly connected to the internet by wifi and offers numerous applications with its touch screen. These applications also allow you to create a shopping list, search recipes or check when products present in the fridge reach the expiration date. A warning is displayed on the touch screen when the food is out of date. The refrigerator is one of the everyday objects we use most, Samsung decided to add additional features such as weather, photos from your smartphone so that it becomes the central element of the house . In this example, home automation allows to grant the refrigerator a function and a place in the much larger house than its original function which is simply to keep food fresh. It then becomes a central part of everyday life.


Image from Samsung

One can notice that in all these examples connected objects have a feature in common: to facilitate the daily lives of people in the house. There is of course a downside and our readers would like to understand more on security risks of the Internet of Things.

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