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Big Data Transformation in 2016 – the 6 megatrends You Should Know About

Big Data will play a key role in digital transformation for future business. Big Data management establish new business ideas in an increasingly changing environment. Mindbreez summarized the most important trends on the Big Data for 2016:

Intelligent systems based on machine learning

The development of self – learning systems will be advance by leaps and bounds. Intelligent systems collect information so they can organize and understand semantic contexts from vast piles of data.

In this sense, Mindbreeze provides useful examples in the field of security and in the intellectual assembly line work, where these intelligent systems are operating successfully.

Change in business models

Big Data stimulates the digital transformation, which in turn will spur the emergence of new business models. Companies employing data and analytics correctly will be able to optimize their production processes and transform their traditional model in another successfully adapted to new market needs.

Thus, the battle has moved from the traditional view of “big against small business” to “slow against fast company”. Innovation is now the key.

Improvement of predictive analytics

The use of Big Data will allow for reliable forecast. Data analysis now has much wider scope and more powerful capability than they had with the old business intelligence tools; it allows people to predict market needs.

Integration of data in the enterprise

Big Data will be integrated into virtually all departments of the company. Data should be available to employees when they need them, and data applications can be created for interaction among employees at all departmental and application levels.

Data visualization will provide a comprehensive overview

Access to information provided by the Big Data must be done through smart visualization to show a full picture of the company and its sectors. With smart visualization applications, employees will be able to capture information from complex subjects without the need to consult specialists, and can better understand customers and facilitate strategic plans.

The Big Data conquer new industries

In 2015, the health care industry was leading in the adoption of the data, from research to diagnosis, to the use of health tracking wearables.

In 2016, other industries will increasingly take advantage of Big Data. In the manufacturing industry will be one of the leading industries to adopt massively Big Data in 2016. We will see some smart factories, with all components connected together to optimize resources.

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