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Top 4 Techs for Location-Based Advertising

One of the most valuable tool enhancements in Ad Tech is currently to detect the location of a consumer in real time on the mobile phone and transmit it through this information location-based advertising.

Location-based advertising in mobile environments is possible because of its ability – to reach the right person at the right time in the right place – therefore, also referred to as the most exciting form of mobile advertising that need to conquer this year.

To develop concepts and strategies for location-based marketing, marketers must first intensively go into the selection process of matching tracking technologies. In addition, the habits of a user need to be explored and we need creative targeted advertising material to the customer.

When selecting the tracking technology, all available technologies such as GPS , IP-based (Wi-Fi) or location information determined by the wireless network should be taken into consideration. Newer tracking technologies such as NFC (Near Field Communication) and iBeacon should also be involved in the decision process too because you need to determine which combination of technologies makes the most sense, depends on the campaign strategy.

If advertisers want to target a consumer in real time, even though he is away for about five minutes from a shop, then it needs a different tracking technology, as when a consumer is to be addressed specifically in a retail store.

GPS – Global Positioning System

GPS has been integrated as  part of all smartphones. It determines locations in latitude and longitude coordinates based on satellite information. GPS is considered as the best outdoor location technology and it can be used globally. But there are also disadvantages of GPS – it proves to be unreliable when a consumer resides in a building. This means that a customer can not be reached when he enters a retail store. In addition, there are also privacy concerns, since many consumers dislike the idea that each location can be tracked from their mobile device, and they disable the location services in their phones.

IP Address

Mobile users can also be located using an IP address when surfing on the Internet; for example, when they use 4G wireless network or Internet hot-spots. This tracking form is useful if a user resides in a building, in an office, a bar or in a cafe, where you feel you must first log in to the wifi network. In combination with the GPS technology IP data can achieve highly accurate results.

NFC and iBeacon

NFC and iBeacon are newer tracking technologies and it is not yet clear how they will develop. However, both technologies are characterized by an extremely high degree of accuracy and they can determine the location of a consumer exactly. Currently, however, the use is still very limited and requires higher investments for implementation. In addition, the user must install an app to get NFC or iBeacon information.

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