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6 Fascinating Big Data Visualization Examples

“Data visualization is not always realms of statistical graphing or intricate dashboards. The growing trend is combining aesthetics and data science approaches to drive people to particular insights, to speak to their emotions and to keep them attracted.” (Jason Li, icrunchdata News)

Big Data can show its power only when you are able to display insights in a compelling way. The following 6 examples show how data visualization can help us explore the knowledge and information behind Big Data.

The Internet Map

The Internet Map shows worldwide website traffic. Different websites are displayed as bubbles. The size of the bubbles is proportional to the amount of traffic to the site.




Cybermap visualizes cyber-attacks around the world in real-time. The lines flurry lively on the earth represents the unfortunate cyber-attacks occurring.




This is a site that displays the tweet locations on a global scale. It drops bright pixels on a dark world map to show tweets in real-time across the world.



Twitter GNIP

This website shows billions of geotagged tweets in incredible detail; revealing demographic, cultural, and social patterns down to city level detail, across the entire world.




This website shows hashtags used in Twitter. It updates automatically every day and it is a zoomable, interactive mind map showing popular Twitter hashtags and how they are all connected.



Earth Wind Map

This website showcases real-time data on global wind conditions in the form of snaking neon lines. Breezes are represented by thin strands of green lines, strong winds with long streaks of yellow, while the most violent currents are shown in red.


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