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Top 10 Big Data Security and Privacy Challenges

We are experiencing the power of Big Data marketing every day; just sometimes we don’t realize that.

For example, after you book hotels and activities online for the upcoming vacation, in the next several weeks, you will find the targeted advertisements showing on the web pages you visited and in the videos you watched. You might wonder how the computer knows your interests.

You see advertisements customized for you because your data have been collected and your behaviours have been analyzed.

Marketers are eager to deliver targeted advertising to you. In order to do that, they need to track your every online visit, analyze your digital interaction behaviours, and then predict what information and products you would like to see. Big Data makes this analysis easier than ever.

Big data has big potentials to revolutionize our lives with its predictive power. We see the benefits when Big Data works for us; for example, it improves customer care. But due to the possibility of malicious use, we also need to realize the privacy threats when Big Data works against us.

Try to find out more on the Big Data risks? Please read Nitin Yadav’s excellent article called “Top Ten Big Data Security and Privacy Challenges” on the Infosecurity Magazine. Nitin has summarized a list of 10 security and privacy challenges for Big Data:

  1. Securing Transaction Logs and Data
  2. Securing Calculations and Other Processes Done in Distributed Frameworks
  3. Validation and Filtering of Endpoint Inputs
  4. Providing Security and Monitoring Data in Real Time
  5. Securing Communications and Encryption of Access Control Methods
  6. Provenance of Data
  7. Granular Access Control
  8. Granular Auditing
  9. Scalability and Privacy of Data Analytics and Mining
  10. Securing Different Kinds of Non-relational Data Sources

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